You'll Be So Proud of Me

Sep 12, 2011
Guess what, Guess what!!!  Since this is a blog and I can't hear your guess; I'll just tell you.

I gave a guy my phone number this weekend!  Not just any guy....Restaurant Guy!!!!  Yes, that guy!  The one that I thought should have made a move first.

A few friends and I went to the other restaurant that he works at, with the hope he would be working that night.  Sure enough, there he was!  After being coaxed... a my girlfriends that were with me, I went to talk to him.  And can I just say that I definitely gave some great lines.  I am very proud of myself. 

Here are some of the highlights...

Restaurant Guy: Girls night out?
Me: Yeah, we went to the Art Museum and decided to come here, since you recommended it.  (Part of previous conversation)
RG: The Museum? Never been there.
Me: What!!!  That's sad.  You need to go.
RG: Well, I'm not going to go by myself.
Me: You just need to ask someone to go with you. (Great line #1)
Was a little disappointed he just let this one drop.

Our Waiter: Hey, Restaurant Guy.
RG: Yeah?
RG: Yeah?
Me: I guess it wasn't that important.
RG: He just likes to hear the sound of my name.
Me: Well, who wouldn't?  (I count that as a good flirt moment.)

Before we left, I wrote on a napkin (I know, so typical) "Let me know if you need someone to go with to the art museum. Name and number." I took it over to him and told him thanks again for the recommendation.  He asked a second time what our plans were after we left.  I told him not much, and asked if he had any plans.  The group of us ended up hanging out playing pool and darts.

Did you catch that!!  Not only was I gutsy and made the first move, but I (and some friends) hung out with him for a bit!!!   CRAZY!!!!!

We'll see if he calls. Bets are being placed now. ;)

And just for your information this wasn't the only instance this weekend that I took a random gutsy move.  What has happened to me! Not that I'm complaining.


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