Sherlock vs. Sherlock vs. Sherlock

Sep 29, 2012
I love Sherlock Holmes.  I think I first fell in love with him when I saw the Wishbone episode: Slobbery Hound (Hounds of Baskervilles).  You remember that cute little dog don't you?  

*Blast from the past alert!*

Lately there has been an out break of Sherlock Holmes.  And I'm not the least bit upset by it.  

But, dear Watson, which Sherlock is the best?! 

In this corner we have the dashing team of Cumberbatch and Freeman in BBC's Sherlock set in modern day London.
Things I love: The use of modern technology.  Sherlock prefers to text over talking on the phone and Dr. Watson's journal is a blog. Having read the incredible stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I appreciate how they modernize the classic stories.  Second seson they did their rendition of the Hounds of Baskervilles.  Happy. We also come across familiar characters like Moriarty (played by the brilliant Andrew Scott), Irene Adler, Mycroft Holmes, and the loveable Mrs. Hudson who insists she's not a house keeper. The characters are splendidly written and cast, and you quickly fall in love with their quirks.

There have been two seasons, but with only 3 episodes at an hour and a half long, I can't seem to get enough.  Thankfully they are on Netflix instant watch so I can get my fix anytime I need it. 

In this corner we have the equally dashing Robert Downing Jr. and Jude Law combination in Warner Brother's Sherlock Holmes movies, set not so modern day London.
Things I love: They also do a marvelous job pulling from the book.  Here they highlight Sherlock's ability to be the master of disguise and being brilliant in almost everything, except being nice to people.  He doesn't get along very well with Watson's wife, but I love the interaction of those two.  So funny.  Again we do see familiar characters from the book, but they have focused so far on Moriarty and Irene Adler.  I'm ok with that.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the battle of wits among the three of them.  Can't wait to see what they do in the next one (which according to IMDB comes out in 2014).

And the newest contender is Miller and Liu in CBS's Elementary set in modern day New York.
Things I love: Maybe love is too strong of a word for this section....

Things I am intrigued by:  (That's better) Watson is a girl?! Hmm....I'm sensing a possible romantic story line in the future.  Let's see where this goes. Another interesting twist....we're in NEW YORK!  Apparently there was some epic and dramatic reason Sherlock is no longer in London (this was brought up by Watson, but brushed over by Sherlock).   Sherlock was just released from rehab.  He will no longer do drugs and Watson was hired by Sherlock's dad to be his sobriety coach-keeper-person.  Interesting.  
He is still his eccentric and horrible-people-person self, but somehow not as charming as the other Sherlock greats. 

Having only seen the first episode (Thursday night at 10) it is too early to give my complete assessment, but I will say this....I'm not in love. 

I was in love after I watched the first BBC Sherlock. Just Sayin'

Not so much here.

To Elementary's defense it's not completely fair comparing it to the other Sherlock Holmes preceding it.  They are obviously trying to take it in a new direction and I'm willing to watch a few more episodes before I decide to not like it.  I'm trying VERY hard to be objective.

Very very hard.

So we'll see.  I am curious to hear your thoughts.  Especially if you haven't seen one or both of the other Holmes.


Best lines ever!!!! Oh and someone won a movie.

Sep 27, 2012
The results are in!

Ding, ding, ding, ding.....

I just went through all the lovely comments you left me and the people have spoken!

First, I want to give a shout out to the 20 peeps, that recognized excellence even though....(this pains me to say) haven't seen the movie yet.  

How have you lived?

Since all 20 of you can't win, you need to find a friend and make them give you an intervention (just make sure it is the opposite kind of intervention I 'm lined up for). 
You need to see this movie.  So awesome.

Next, the top ten lines that you all chose to share:  

10. We remember Budapest very differently. ~Hawkeye/Clint Barton
9. Let me know if real power wants a magazine or something. ~Nick Fury
8. Dost mother know you are wearing her drapes? ~ Iron Man/ Tony Stark
7. We have a Hulk. ~Iron Man/ Tony Stark
6. I don't play well with others. ~Iron Man/ Tony Stark 
(I'm seeing a trend here)
5. I'm always angry.  ~Hulk/ Dr. Banner
4. Hulk....Smash. ~Captain America/Steve Rogers
3. He's adopted. ~Thor
2. People are so petty and tiny. ~Thor

And the number one line is....

1. Puny god. ~Hulk/ Dr. Banner

And the crowd goes wild!!!! 

I must say I was surprised that the Hulk pulled out the win.  I was betting it would be an Iron Man/ Tony Stark line. 

That was a good line though. I approve.

Some great runners up...
So....this is horrible. ~Dr. Banner/Hulk
I'm listening. ~Loki
I thought we were having a moment?  12% of a moment. ~Tony Stark/ Pepper Potts
Capsickle. ~Iron Man/Tony Stark

OK, I'll stop stalling you want to know if you won the prize....

Well if your name is Sue H. E. 
You won!!!!!  Yeah!!! 
I already sent you an email.  You have until Saturday to claim your prize.  :)  Congrats!

That was fun.  Now what?

I might need an intervention....later...ish

Sep 26, 2012
My name is Jenny.

Hi, Jenny.

It has been one week since I've seen the Avengers.


I know, RIGHT?!  A whole week.  

I am lucky enough to live in a city where there are little theaters that show movies once they are out of (what I lovingly refer to as) "the big theater".  

I know so original.

There is a beautiful theater in the neighboring city of Maumee, called the Maumee Indoor Theater.

It's kind of adorable.  Originally built in 1946, it closed down some time in the 90's.  I remember going to the theater as a kid.  I think that is where I first saw the Three Musketeers.


So they closed the cute little theater, and I was sad.  For many a year, I thought "They should re-open it!  If they don't, I'll buy it when I am older and turn it into a theater and a retro 50's diner."  I was such the little entrepreneur when I was 11ish.

But then one day a miracle happened.  We drove by and I was in instantly filled with joy.  Plastic tarps were up, and construction had begun.  


They reopened in 2004, and all was well in the world. 

Wait...Why am I telling you this story?  Oh, yeah.  They show not-quite new releases for only $4 a ticket.  Score!!!!  I love them. *sigh* But that is not why I need an intervention. That is just how I saw the Avengers last week. 

But I don't need to fit their showings into my schedule anymore. Nooooo sir.

Why you ask?  

Because I bought The Avengers last night.

Yeah!!!  Happy Dance!

Wanna see?

But why are there two????

Because one is yours!  

Well, yours if you entered the contest, and if the magical Rafflecopter picks you.  Yes, then it is yours.

Woot woot!!!

So as much as I would love to stay and chat, I'm going to go watch a couple of my favorite scenes....
and maybe the extra features...
and maybe just have it on pause when there is a nice close up of Captain America beating the snot out of those punching bags.  

And then after I have watched it most likely 5 out of 7 days this week, you can hold my intervention and not let me watch it for awhile.  

Or at least until you can watch it with me.  

Because I know you want to.

P.S. Today is the LAST day you can enter!!!  What are you waiting for?!  Free Blu-Ray/DVD combo of The Avengers!  Winner to be announced tomorrow!

P.P.S or P.S.S(?)  Anyway, I LOVE all your favorite lines.  I'm pretty sure I laughed at each one as I fondly remembered the scene from whence they came. 
I don't know if I could pick just one, there are soooo many.  
Yeah, I just tried, and I can't do it. Kudos to all of you that could complete that difficult task.

Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Iron Man

Sep 25, 2012

Big man in a suit of Armor. 

 Take that off, what are you?

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.  

Oh Tony. Tony. Tony.  
As much as I love Captain America for being a gentleman; I love Tony Stark for his wit and sarcasm.

I consider myself to be on the witty side and therefore, my future husband needs to be able to keep up.  Like Mr. Stark.

Exhibit A:

Steve Rogers: We have orders, we should follow them.
Tony Stark: Following's not really my style.
Steve Rogers: And you're all about style, aren't you?
Tony Stark: Of the people in this room, which one is A - wearing a spangly outfit and B - not of use?

Chuckle. Chuckle.  Spangly!  Hilarius.

Exhibit B:

 Tony Stark: Better clench up, Legolas.

And one more for good measure:

Tony Stark: [to Bruce Banner] You really have got a lid on it, haven't you? What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?

I laugh throughout the whole movie with all those great one-liners. 
{Brilliant writers}

So besides being incredibly witty, he's also incredibly handsome.


Cleans up nicely, huh?

Oh yeah, don't forget also fantastically brilliant.
So after looking at Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America and Iron Man I think it really comes down to the Captain and Iron Man.  No matter how I look at they are the top two in my book.  

What about in your book?

Avengers comes out today!!!!   

Who's excited?   

Anyone, anyone?
I guess it's just me.  ;)

You have just over a day to enter to win your free copy!  What are you waiting for?

Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Captain America

Sep 24, 2012

There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like *that.*  

Here were are, second to last Avenger.  We've drooled over Thor, been amazed by Dr. Banner/Hulk, and checked out Hawkeye.

That means we are down to my favorite two.  
Captain America and Iron Man.

 I have all sorts of love for the Captain.  He's a leader, he's a gentleman, he's gorgeous, he's vintage.

Being a leader when there are so many other strong personalities in the group make his job a little challenging.   But he rises to the challenge.  He breaks up the "little" scuffle between Thor and Iron Man when Thor first returns to take Loki home.  He takes charge over the police, and he "calls" it out for the other Avengers in the epic battle.  

He's a leader.

A hot leader.  

He's also a gentleman.  Towards the beginning of the battle with the evil mechanic skeleton looking things, a blast shoots debris all over and the Cap puts up his shield and protects Natasha.  Adorable.

He's gorgeous.

I love the vintage feel about him.  Of course that helps build his character as the man out of his time or whatever.  But as a person who has a decent record collection, enjoys movies from the 50's, and is an old person in disguise the vintage thing works for me.

Nick Fury: I don't know about that, but it is powered by the cube. And I'd like to know how Loki used it to turn two of the sharpest men I know into his personal flying monkeys.
Thor : Monkeys? I do not understand.
Steve Rogers : I do!
Steve Rogers : I understood that reference.



Future husband, you need to be an adorable-vintage-gentleman leader.  

Um. Yeah.

Time to enter the giveaway is quickly coming to an end!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!   


Tomorrow the Iron Man spotlight!!!! 


 P.S.  This is my 100th post!!!  Amazing!  See where it all began.  NTN- No Test Needed .

Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Hawkeye

Sep 23, 2012
* Picture from IMDB

You and I remember Budapest very differently.

Moving on from the giant green man, we are back to the hotties.  
What is it about guys' arms that are so...just....amazing. 

Ok, stop looking at the picture.  We have to focus.

Since Hawkeye was **spoiler alert** turned over to the dark side for half the movie, we don't get to see a lot of his character.  But what we do see is pretty fantastic.

Let me first go on the record as saying that he is so cool.  Look at him!  Just for a second.  

That's enough.  

Come back now.  

What a stance.  He has the coolest. bow.ever.  Goodbye are the days of swooning over Legolas.  Hawkeye is here. Dude has mad skills. Epic.

So what part of Hawkeye does my future hubby need to possess.  I'm going with being a team player.

When he wasn't with the bad guys he and Natasha were the two most focused on working as a team to get the mission accomplished.  Even though he had some personal sores to settle with Loki, he understood that it had to be done together or it wouldn't get done.  

Life's no fun when you feel alone.  Yuck.

Knowing that someone (or a group of people) have your back no matter what is relieving. The result of the circumstance doesn't rely just on you.  

My man will see me as part of the team.  Because I can do stuff too.  Maybe I'm the one that closes the portal so bad guys can't keep coming in. 



I love man muscles. 


Ok, that is all.

For real this time.

Don't forget to enter the Avengers giveaway!  How sad would you be if you didn't enter. 

Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Hulk

Sep 22, 2012


This is going to be a little bit of a stretch.  The Hulk is probably my least favorite.  I didn't really like the last remake, so there's not a great connection here.  And sure Dr. Banner is charming, but he turns into a giant green smashing thing.  Hmm.  Not cool.

Future husband definitely should not turn giant and green...or smash things.  
Got it?  

Buuuttttt......He should have a sense of who he is.  Dr. Banner goes through a little self discovery in the Avengers.  He kind of embraces the "Hulk" side of himself and tries to work with it.  Realizing that it might not be all bad turning into a giant rage monster.   

*It's only good when trying to save the world from weird armor-wearing machine caterpillars.  Turning giant and green as an everyday occurrence is not cute.*

A man who knows who he is, not in the cocky "I'm God's gift to women way", but in the "This is what I stand for, this is what I believe in" kind of way, is on his way to attracting a woman who also knows who she is.  

Knowing who you are screams confidence. 

The other thing Dr. Banner/Hulk has going for him is his geniusness.   
(I think I just made up another word.) 

Steve Rogers: Does Loki need any particular kind of power source?
Bruce Banner : He got to heat the cube to a hundred and twenty million Kelvin just to break through the Coulomb barrier.
Tony Stark : Unless, Selvig has figured out how to stabilize the quantum tunneling effect.
Bruce Banner : Well, if he could do that he could achieve Heavy Ion Fusion at any reactor on the planet.
Tony Stark : Finally, someone who speaks English.
Steve Rogers : Is that what just happened?

Oh yeah, right 120 million Kelvin.  Exactly. we convert Kelvin to farenheit or celcius first? 

I'm not brilliant.  But being smart is definitely attractive.
Kuddos to smart people.  

That's about it in regards to the Hulk. 
Thanks Hannah and Bri for helping me out on this one.   

Tomorrow we drool over check out Hawkeye.  
And all his manly archery moves. 

Drool over Check out Thor in yesterday's post. 

Don't forget to enter to win the Avengers DVD/Blu-ray giveaway!!!!


Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Thor

Sep 21, 2012
*Picture from Yahoo! movies

My future husband needs to have a little Thor in him.  

You know it's coming, so let's just get it out of the way....

He is amazingly good looking.  Muscles, beautiful eyes, even the long hair seems to work for him.  
I love a man who has his look together, whether it is a t-shirt and jeans or a suit (remember how I love those suits?).  Both of those options have potential to be amazing or horrible.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that the clothes fit.  I'm not a fan of the baggy saggy pants, or giant t-shirts.  

I'm thinking more like....

*Picture from Brooklyn Industries
 And less like....

*Picture from Cloutfit blog

Another quality about Thor I appreciate is that he doesn't give up easily.  On people or his opinions.  Sometimes it's not always good how stubborn he can be, but it's that passion and drive that is so attractive.  In the Avengers **Spoilerish Alert** he sticks up for his brother when the other guys are ripping Loki apart and calling him crazy.  That's kind of adorable.  

Bruce Banner: I don't think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.
Thor : Have a care how you speak! Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard and he is my brother!
Natasha Romanoff : He killed eighty people in two days.
Thor : He's adopted.                                                *Taken from IMDB

LOL!!  Great line!  

Throughout the entire movie Thor continued to give Loki a chance to stop and go back home with him.  He wasn't willing to lose his brother to the evil people. He is a very passionate guy.  

Tomorrow we're looking at the Hulk.  Not really one of my favorites, but he's got some important qualities.

Did you enter to win the Avengers on DVD/Blu-ray yet?  No!  What are you waiting for?  Check out yesterday's post and while you're there, enter!!!!

My future husband needs to be like an Avenger

Sep 20, 2012

I'm just not sure which one.....

Last night I saw the Marvelous movie "The Avengers". 

Get it?  Marvel-ous.  Lol.

This is by far my favorite movie of the summer.  Yes, it beats Spiderman, Batman and even dare I say, The Hunger Games. 

I am in love with all things Marvel.  I'm not sure when/how it happened, but it did. 

Iron Man: LOVE!
Captain America:LOVE!
Hulk:LIKE!  (ok maybe not all things Marvel, but most)

Then you put all these magical personalities together in the Avengers and I can't even explain how awesome it is. 

Back to last night.  I went with 2 girlfriends and as we are waiting for the first extra scene (did you know there were two) at the end we began to talk about how incredibly hot those men are.  Don't even pretend you haven't thought that.  

'Cause you have.
Several times. 
It's ok.
We understand.

Suuurrrre they are all incredibly fit.

Suuurrrre they fight bad guys to protect earth.

But their hotness is more than that.  
I said their hotness is more than that.  Yes, it's true.  I'm not totally superficial, gosh.

I'm pretty sure there are many qualities and traits that these heroes display in the movie that my future husband needs to possess. So here we go the pros and cons for each, and why it is that my future husband needs to be like an Avenger.  (Did you catch that future husband?  Pay attention.) This is a very important project. That we'll start tomorrow.  First up...Thor!

P.S. Did I mention there will be a giveaway too?  The movie comes out the 25th, want to win your copy?  Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The birthday month is in full swing...

Sep 17, 2012
You know it is official when you get this from Red Robin...

Even they know I celebrate the whole month. 

Things I have done to celebrate my birthday this year:

  • Family Party- Complete with a Red Wings Red Velvet cake

  • Dinner at Red Robin (of course)
  • Jem themed party hosted by one of my friends.  Remember Jem?

  • A little geocaching.
  • A little trip to Ann Arbor.  I was introduced to a fantastic store in Kerrytown called Found: Whimsical Art & Vintage Treasures.  Where we came across vintage calling cards!!!! I'm thinking they need to make a comeback.
  •  Picked up my FREE Sephora gift Saturday

 I think that is it so far.  There is still about half a month left, what else can I do? 

The summer of 9/11- We remember

Sep 11, 2012
We celebrated my 16th birthday with my grandparents at lunch that day.  It had become a family tradition to go out to eat.  Was our table full of laughter and fun stories of the vacation we had just returned from?  No, we tried to carry on a conversation, but our attention just kept returning to the screens filled with the tragic event that had started just a few hours earlier.

I was lucky enough to visit all three sites this summer...
I was at this same place in 2004....then it looked more like this...
Now two pools serve as reminders of that day...
This is the section of the Pentagon that the plane hit...
We will forever remember...
In a little town in Pennsylvania...

People that didn't give up...

They crashed in the middle of nowhere...

Now we rebuild...

You must have been a beautiful baby...

Sep 9, 2012
It was almost 27 years ago that I decided to grace the world with my presence.  :)

My grandma has told me stories of when I would hang out with her for the day at her Hallmark store.  "People would come in just to see you!" she would say. 

I do tend to have that affect on people.

Another story I have heard, is that once upon a time my parents sent my picture to Gerber.  They had hopes and dreams that I could become the next face of Gerber.  It didn't happen, but Gerber did send a letter saying that I was very cute, and beautiful, and glamorous...blah, blah, blah.  I'm sure it wasn't a form letter they sent to everyone. *cough*

Ok enough about me.  Check out this cutie!

She takes after her aunt.  Uhem.

To carry on the tradition her mom and dad (I might have suggested they do it) entered her in the Gerber Generation contest.  And she needs your votes!

Seriously, how beautiful is she!  Here is something super cute....this is the bedtime tradition....!!!!  Sorry, you will now have the "Time to put the baby to bed" song stuck in your head for a very very long time.  Who knew that was the secret to putting kids to bed.  I think my favorite part is when she gets mad that the gate is there to block her way.  Lol.

Now that you are in love with her, vote, vote vote!  You can vote once a day until September 24th on Gerber's Facebook.  You have to like their page and then you are good to go.  

P.S. Look what other picture I found!

It was Christmas 1986, when I got Teddy Ruxpin

Stepping out with the Doctor

Sep 2, 2012
Last night I had a fabulous time with a few friends and a Doctor.  You heard me right a Doctor!

Doctor who? You ask.

Yes, I reply followed by giddy laughter.

Why do you look confused?

Last night I spent some quality time with Doctor Who. 

Oooohhhhhh.  Who?

He's not for everyone, only those lucky enough to enjoy British humor smashed with science fiction.  It really is a random show.  But I love it!

Last night was the premier episode for season 7.  We had a small gathering of Whoians and watched it together.  We know how to have a good time..

What's a party without food? I can't take any credit for the creations in the next two pictures you will see.  That credit would all go to our hostess.  My contribution was (Gold)fish and chips. Not super creative.  But these.....another story.

"Fish sticks" and "Custard"- A cookie covered in graham cracker and pudding in a chocolate bowl. So good!  If you are a Doctor Who fan then you know that this was the perfect dish for the 11th Doctor. {The Eleventh hour (Eleventh Doctor, 2010)}

Baby Adipose! - made with marshmallows and chocolate sauce, these little guys are simply adorable...and yummy.  {Partners in Crime (Tenth Doctor, 2008)}

I may not be creative with food, but I can be creative with costumes....

Out of context this looks so random and weird!!  For the few and proud Doctor fans though we are straight out of Pompeii.  {The Fires of Pompeii (Tenth Doctor, 2008)}   Lol!

If you aren't a Whoian, this blog post may seem like a bunch of weirdness.  Maybe you are a fan and you just don't know it yet.  You can see seasons 1-6 on Netflix instant watch, or check out your library. 

Some suggestions: Want a creepy episode?  Check out the Weeping Angels in Blink (season 3) or Silence in the Library (season 4).  A lighter, funnier episode and one of my favorites is with Donna and the 10th Doctor in Runaway Bride (Season 3).

Let me know what you think!