Mini-Adventure time: My time in the Pond

Oct 5, 2013
I found another adventure. I know surprising right.  Ha.

During one of my daily scans of my Facebook newsfeed, I happened upon a post from my Toledo Walleye that they were looking for people to join the Pond Patrol team.

{We interrupt this post to define what exactly the Pond Patrol is...}
The Pond Patrol are the wonderful people that host little games during the intermissions of the Walleye Hockey games.  They also get the crowd going, toss out prizes, dance to the random get the idea.
{Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.}

I've always wondered how those people got those jobs.  I mentioned to my roommate that I was thinking about it, and she agreed I would be awesome at that job.  Why not.  I love hockey. I love the team.  I can be silly and amazingly fun.  Ok, I'll try out.

And try out I did. 

 photo CAM00768_zps358b2de9.jpg

Getting pumped up before I head over to the arena.
 photo CAM00765_zps4185ddc2.jpg

We learned a little dance number, played a couple rounds of musical beanbags, and ended with a impromptu solo performance of pretending to wash an imaginary dog.  I'm sure we all looked rather ridiculous.  

After that they sent some people home and interviewed the other group.  
I was in the interview group.  :)

I got the call!  I'm in!  I'm also pretty sure I'm crazy, but this will be quite the experience.  Looking forward to learning all the behind the scenes secrets...already learned a few. 

If you go to a Walleye game this year look for me!!