Three C's and a hot tub (or my Tuesday mini-adventure)

Apr 25, 2012
First the three C's 
Car Care Clinic. 
My little car and I have been traveling through life together for 8 years.  During that time she has been searching for the "one".  The mechanic that treats her right, cares for her needs and gets along well with me.  It has been a difficult journey, but I believe she has found her match.  We have gone twice now to the same mechanic and I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Awwww.  I can trust them, they offer free shuttle service (ooohhh oooohhh that's another story I need to tell you someday), they give you little chocolates, and I now have like three of their pens.  They are the BEST pens ever! Hey those are all important qualities.

Last night was girls night and we decided to go to a car care clinic that Toledo Auto Care was hosting.  I was so excited (remember I'm kinda dorky that way) to go and learn about taking care of my car.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but that's what made it a mini-adventure.  

Boy, did I learn a lot!  

For example:
  • If your car is a 2000 or later you probably only need to get your oil changed every 5,000-7,500 miles
  • You should keep a file of all the work you had done on your car, so it is easily accessible if you ever want to sell it.
  • You should budget $800-$1,000 a year for maintenance
  • Tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles for an even wear.  oops
  • Transmissions should be flushed every 60,000 miles (I have 186,000 on my car and have maybe done this once...oops)
  • To also help with the whole tire wearing evenly thing, you should get an alignment once a year (oops)
  • Timing belts should be replaced every 60,000-105,000 miles (guess what....oops)
So I'm pretty sure I need to make an appointment like super pronto.  Blush. Sorry car.

The owners at Toledo Auto Care are so amazingly nice and thoughtful.  They also gave us a list (you know how I love lists) of things to keep in your car.  I think there are only like three things I can cross off the list (Cell phone, tire gauge, and ice scraper...oh wait and a blanket. So four.)  They also invited a policeman who talked to us about safety procedures if you're in an accident or (for us female types) being aware when you walk to your car. 

It was fabulous...and there was food.....and prizes....and goodie bags.

After our exciting expedition through the world of cars, we ended the night soaking in the hot tub for an hour or so.  Not at the car place. ;)

So there was my mini adventure.  Tonight I'm going to see a ukulele band. LOL!!!  How do I find these things?

I sorta kinda feel like an art critic

Apr 22, 2012
I don't think critic is the right word. Art connoisseur maybe? Ooo that sounds fancy.

Here is my little story of how this came to be.  Friday night I went with a girlfriend to The Toledo Museum of Art.  It is a magical place that I don't get to frequent quite enough.  On Friday nights they stay open late and have special programs that could include anything from live music to demonstrations or special tours. 

Friday we joined the "Making an Impression" tour.  I was expecting a nice guide to walk us around to a few impressionist era pieces and give us the history/back story of the piece.  Instead we had a nice guide walk us to three different paintings and facilitate an art discussion.  We talked about the lighting, the brushstrokes, shadows, color choices, what stood out, what minor details were often missed and on and on and on. 

Watch out I'm about to show you how dorky I am....

I LOVED IT!!!!!  

Hearing the thoughts of other art lovers about what they got from the painting and the impression (get it? it made was enlightening and enjoyable. 

And I'm pretty sure I am now an art connoisseur...or critic.  
Still working on that one. 

But the mini-adventure didn't end there.
Oh no....we went to the recently redone Ancient Mediterranean exhibit.  In which they re-arranged the pieces to flow better and...wait for it...they added some hands on activities!! 
I've kind of always wanted to be an archeologist, so the ancient Mediterranean exhibit has always been one of my favorites and now with the fun activities....double score!!!

What could this possibly be? 
Ta-Dah!!!  An ancient bowl!

Sorry, it's a little blurry.  At this station you could "paint" your own Greek pottery. 
Ready to be amazed by our talent?
I am the proud artist of the first two, my friend composed the last one...
and this one....
It's a horse (in case you couldn't tell....I mean an ancient horse).
 Followed by my mosaic creation inspired by the ancient horse drawing.

We had a blast! Yeah for mini adventures!  And it was completely free!!!!   Tuesday I have another mini-adventure planned, so be on the lookout Wednesday morning for the scoop. :)

March Reading List

Apr 6, 2012
Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

Oh Stephanie.  She came home a day early from Hawaii with a tan line on her ring finger and a closed mouth.  As if the guy problems weren't enough, she was in possession of a picture that the FBI and some local thugs wanted to get their hands on.  Was being the key word.  She had found a picture in her luggage that wasn't hers and threw it away.  It wasn't until she saw a news report that the man she sat next to on the flight home was murdered, that she made the connection.  Oops.  Of course no one would believe that she didn't have it anymore.  To add to the insanity there had to be car problems, skips that didn't want to reschedule their court appearances, craziness at the bonds office, Grandma Mazur with her funeral obsession and oh yeah some explosions.  As always I found myself laughing at the situations that she somehow managed to find herself in and am looking forward to book nineteen.

 Obsessed by Ted Dekker

Stephen Friedman a Jewish real estate agent who works hard at his job and at forgetting the past.  But when a letter from a woman who recently died implies that she is his mom, he is soon...obsessed with finding the treasure she left him and forced to face his mom's past in the concentration camp.  The son of the commandant of the camp is just as evil as his dad and is also in search of the treasure this woman left behind as well as his dad's journal of his dealings at the camp.  
Ted Dekker keep his readers on their toes and this book is no exception.  

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