What did I get myself into now?

Aug 31, 2012
By now, you should know me enough to know that I get myself into the most interesting of situations.

Randomness has struck again, my friend.

This past week I went to a Mud Hens game with my dad and a couple friends.  I don't know about your local minor league games, but ours are rockin'!  I enjoy baseball (it was on my summer list remember), but even more I enjoy the time with friends and hanging out in the wonderful outdoors.

But one of the best things is the little in-between games they play with the spectators.  Are you picking up where this is going?

I walked myself over to the Customer Service booth and asked "Where do I sign up for the games?"

"Well.....here, fill this out, but I think they picked everyone already."


"They might call you if someone doesn't show up."

"You never know!"  

A couple innings later.....Oh I missed a call.  I wonder.....you guessed it, someone didn't show up!  Yeah!!!!

Myself and three other people ended up playing one of the minute to win it games.

I think I look like a distressed pirate.  Ha ha ha. Side note: There's my Tiffany's necklace!
I had to get the cookie from my forehead to my mouth without using my hands.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Wait. I don't think it even sounds easy.

A little more serious in this picture, but boy do I look like a dork!  These pictures are begging for crazy captions.  GO!

I was soooo close!  But alas, I failed.  They did give me a prize, though!

A random prize, seeing that it was last season's Pink Ice night for the hockey team.  But hey, I was there so I was cool with it.  I was/am pretty excited about it.

I posted this pic on my Facebook page, proud of my accomplishment.  That's when I started getting the..."I saw you!" "I was wondering if that was you!" "I told my friends I knew that girl".  Oh Toledo, the little big city where you go to a random baseball game and end up knowing a dozen people there. 

What did I learn from this experience:
1) I loved every second of it!
2) I will totally do it again. (Technically that was my second time being pulled down to the field for a game.)
3) I'm glad I wore a cute shirt.
4) The cheek muscles are the key to get the cookie from the forehead to the mouth.

Blast from the past...

Aug 25, 2012
Before Beanie Babies, before Ferby and before Tickle Me Elmo there was a bear....

Teddy Ruxpin

I remember being very little and being very exited when I received a Teddy Ruxpin as a present.  He was so cool!  I loved Teddy Ruxpin.

We played, he read books to me, and I was completely fascinated that his eyes and mouth opened and closed when he talked.Teddy and I had a great week together.   

And then tragedy struck..... Teddy was broken!!!!

It might have had something to do with me being extremely curious about how he worked.  I needed to know.  

I might have ended up poking his eyes out. 

I laugh now...but then, I was heartbroken.  It must have been a traumatic experience since I can still remember how sad it was when I asked....

"Maybe..sniff sniff...we can fix him?" Poor little me.  Poor little Teddy!

No, he was a goner.  

Then yesterday, my dad brought home his latest garage sale find...Teddy!!!  It was a beautiful scene as I embraced the little guy.  

First it was a little creepy since my dad thought it would be funny to peek the little Teddy head through my window, but then it was a happy reunion.  

Seriously creepy, dad.

I quickly put batteries in and pressed the magical button.....and nothing happened.

I guess I'm not destined to have a working Teddy Ruxpin.

Thank you Youtube....

Aug 21, 2012
Scene: Cheesy 50's info commercial

Announcer dude: Are you bored? Not sure what to do with all the down time you have? 
Well, look no further!!  There is a magical place you can go to waste hours of your time.  Youtube! Ta-dah!  Here are a few of my favorite musical selections.  Hope you laugh as much as I did...

And the Pips perform Heard it through the Grapevine and Midnight Train to Georgia. You may know them better as Gladys Knight and the Pips. 

LOVE this song.....
A little different now that you've seen the video?

And then there's Call me Maybe...the song that everyone is redoing.  Even the President? Whaaa?

Shout out to Ohio Grrls!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my random music selection for today!

There's a goat on the roof!

Aug 15, 2012
Before my grand trip to NYC, I went to Amish country in Ohio with the fam.  It's pretty there and you can get some great food, but it's not really my speed.  As in...it's too slow.  Aaaanyway.

One of the random things we did.

Wait! I guess doing random things runs in the family!  It's not just me!!! 


We went to a...I really don't know what to call it....farm/petting zoo/store?  We pull in and the first thing that catches my attention....

Oh, look a goat....on the roof!!!!  And he's not alone...
This would be the little buffet line for the goats.  Crazy.  
Goats on the roof.  Boggles my little brain.  Oh and see the sign about The big horse....

They're Amish, they don't lie....3,000 pounds of horse.  Gi.nor.mous. I'm not usually nervous around horses, but I wasn't getting too friendly with this guy.

Oh look another goat...
Hello little goat, do you want to be my friend? 
I want a baby goat.  I'd name him Billy the kid.  LOL. 
Pretty bad huh.
And yet, I giggle every time I say it. Ha!

But wait there's more!!  What is that in the corner????
I know it's hard to read..."Careful! Don't feed the Zorse."  Whaaa???  What the heck is a Zorse?

Naturally, a zebra/horse of course.
Who knew you could find a zorse in Amish country. 
2 points for the Amish on this trip. Well played, Amish. Well played.

Pretty sure I'll never grow up...

Aug 14, 2012
At church on Sunday a fantastic friend of mine in all her wisdom said,
They said we have to grow old, not grow up. 
True story.

How do I know I'll never grow up, because I still enjoy things like this...
A mini wall of crayons at FAO Schwarz in New York.
In fact all the pictures today came from FAO.  Next time you are in NYC, take a half hour or so to walk through there.  You won't be disappointed.  

You never know who you'll find...
I risked my life taking this picture.  Ok not really, but I did get yelled at a little.  They wanted me to pay crazy $$ to get my picture taken with them, and I just wouldn't do it.  But I couldn't resist my 2 favorite Marvel superheros. 

I might have jumped up and down a little when we saw this...
It's like Build-a Bear, but with MUPPETS!!!!  AHHHHH!  I probably would have bought one if I wasn't headed over to Tiffany's next.
You get to pick out the hair and nose and eyes and the body type.  So cool. Mahnah Mahnah.

Next stop....

 Someday I would love to build one of these guys....
Yep, it's going on the bucket list.

One of my happy places...

Aug 13, 2012
You may be shocked to hear that one of my happy places involves cold and ice (usually it is places more like this), but tis true.  And here's why...

Folks, hockey season in Toledo starts in 2 months!  Isn't it wonderful?

Saturday was their annual pick-a-seat event to purchase season tickets.  I went last year as well, and watched the free-agent try out practice/scrimmage.  This year they added more to the event.  He he he we had so much fun!  
This might also have been one of those "I know I am a dork." moments. 
Yeah, it was.

We shot some goals....

Take notice of the age of the other "players" on the ice at the time.

 Put us in coach!  Sitting on the Walleye bench. 

Watch out!!! Wow that is a super cheesy smile.

2 minutes for being too close to the zamboni.

She got caught too. Bummer.

We stuck around and watched the first round of the scrimmage games, enjoyed our free hot dog, chips and drink and went on our merry way.  Super fantastic fun! 

Another reason it's not easy being me....

Aug 11, 2012
Every once in a while I feel the need to remind those around me, that in fact, it's not easy being me. 


Yesterday was a tough day.....I was blamed twice throughout the day.  Yes, it's true.

First friend:  "Thanks to Jen Thompson I am now on Pinterest... I blame her!"

How she has made it this long without Pinterest is a surprise to me....think of the brand new world I just opened her up to. 

Later that day another friend decides to blame me....." Guess I've made a lot of memories recently because my current memory box (you know, the cute little box where I toss things like ticket stubs, school i.d.'s, baby announcements, wedding programs, etc.) is full! I mostly blame the wedding boom of 2010 (you know who you are!) and my partner in adventuring, Jen Thompson."

This is the friend that I dragged went with to DC and NYC recently.  (We are also going on an adventure soon after I post this.)  

Well guess what friends!  I fully accept the blame and you're welcome.  :) 

May I continue to be blamed for more awesome things in the future.

Got to run...I hear some hockey calling my name. 
That's right. 

I was crafty.....don't be too surprised now

Aug 9, 2012
It doesn't happen too often, but I made something and it actually turned out!  Last month as part of my Operation:Adventure this summer, I helped run a kids camp.  If you check out some of those pictures, you can probably guess we had a fantastic time.  You might also be able to guess that the theme this year was the Olympics. 
I got the brilliant idea that it wouldn't be right to have an Olympics theme without medals. 
I then got the brilliant idea that I could make them super easy.
I was right.

I know the Olympics are winding down, but here is a simple craft for you to keep in mind if you ever have the sudden urge to make medals.

Super glittery scrapbook paper (Gold, Silver and Bronze...of course)
Round cork coasters (pk of 4 at Michaels for $.87)
Black acrylic paint and a little paint brush
Single hole punch
Double sticky tape

First I traced the coasters on the scrapbook paper. I bought 12" X 12" paper and could fit 9 on one sheet.  If you don't need that many you could buy the 8 1/2" X 11".

I then poked a hole in the coaster with a pencil, marked on the paper where my hole should be and...Punch! Then use the magical double sticky tape to attach the two.  You then can paint whatever you want your medal to say.

Now you add a sweet ribbon and ta-dah!!!  

Medals fit for some fun times! 

Pretty brilliant, huh?  Thanks!  I just try to be a little awesome.

I may be a dork...and I'm not alone!

Aug 7, 2012
I went bowling with a few friends last week and someone suggested we use names from one of our favorite TV shows instead of our real names.  We can't be normal.  It's too much work.

Guessing game time....
Player one:

Player dos:

Any guesses?  Huh huh?
Player 3:

Player IV:

And the bonus clue....

Do you know???
I'm not going to tell you.  Someone needs to guess. Go.

More proof that I am a dork.
Do you remember this?  Belongitis Southernexia.
And then there is this...I could have gotten eaten.

Speaking of bucket lists....

Aug 4, 2012
Do you ever add items to your to-do list after you have done them, just so you can cross it off. 

Yes? Good!  
I totally do that.  

Hey it was something I accomplished that day that needed to be done that somehow missed the original list.  It is so legit.

Next question....does that same philosophy work for bucket lists? 

I think I heard a yes.  Good!  'Cause that's what I did.

On the way home from New York we decided to hop over to Hoboken, New Jersey to see TLC's The Cake Boss.  How fun are we.

But as much as we wanted to eat these lovely creations....
We didn't have the time to wait in the 2 1/2 hour line!!!  

*Note to self: when going back, order online the previous day so you don't have to wait in line.

No the Cake Boss wasn't what was added to the bucket list...sorry Carlo.

Hannah: Let's go to Hoboken to see Cake Boss.
Me: Ok, that would be fun......lightbulb. Wait!  Frank Sinatra was from Hoboken!  
And then angels sang.

After escaping the thousands of calories we would have joyously eaten at Carlo's Bake Shop, we headed off to find Frank's childhood home.

Unfortunately it was torn down and is now a little grassy lot, but they did have this cool star on the sidewalk.

I was on cloud 1,000 again.  I was on the street that ole Blue Eyes grew up on!!!  Ahhhh sooo cool!!!!

Poor little star was looking a little sad.  Hey people of Hoboken, someone needs to fix that.  Don't you realize how important that is?! 

And that my friends is what I added to my bucket list
And then crossed off. 

I also added "Visit Frank Sinatra's grave". I don't know how that didn't make it the first time around.
Anyone heading to California, that I can bum a ride? 

Breakfast and Bling

Aug 2, 2012
If you recall for my New Year's resolution, this is the year to cross things off my bucket list.   It also happens that this summer was dubbed as Operation:Adventure.  My friends, I know how to multi-task.

I've traveled and adventured with the best of them.  My latest adventure in New York was obviously fantastic.  One of the bonusi bonusses extra thing was going to...da da da....

Breakfast at Tiffany's!!!!  I was on cloud 9 how about cloud 100 there can be a cloud 100 right?

Hey, it's my blog I can make up cloud levels. I love Tiffany & Co.  The people that work there are fabulous.  The first person we see is a fantastic security guard in a suit looking rather dapper. There are 4 floors of magic.  Pure magic.  We decided to go to the top and work our way down.  The next super nice person was the elevator attendant.  Yes, Tiffany's has elevator attendants.  Pretty magical.

I'm on cloud 100 times 10 now because I'm IN TIFFANY'S!!!!!!

And I maybe kinda bought myself a present.

Isn't it beautiful? Oh yeah that's just the box.  This is what it looks like on the inside...
I couldn't find a picture online of the one I bought, but you get the idea.

There you have it my adventure at Tiffany & Co.  And it is now officially cross off my bucket list.