April's reading list

May 5, 2012
There are three categories for books that I read: Amazing, It was ok, and Blah.  This month I read a "It was ok" and a "Blah."  :(  Oh oh oh I think that is in the Jenny Dictionary!  My process for picking out books to read mostly relies on opinions from friends and family, because every time I try to explore new authors on my own I find mostly the "Blah" ones.  No fun. 
Enough of my ramblings, here are the books I read in April.

In the Woods by Tana French

This book dripped of mystery and puzzles.  The annoying part was that not all the puzzles were solved.  That's why I put this book in the "Blah" category.
Detective Rob Ryan and his partner Cassie are assigned a murder case of a 12 year-old-girl in a little town that just so happens to be the town Detective Ryan and his family moved away from after a horrific incident in the woods.  Twenty years ago He went into the woods to play with his two best friends, hours after they are expected home the police find just Ryan, gripping on to a tree like his life depended on it.  May it did.  He was covered in dried blood, some of it his own, and no sign of his friends.  The kicker...he can't remember a thing.  His friends never were found. Detective Ryan is forced to face his past while dealing with the present tragedy.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

This is in the "It was ok" category.  This is the first of soon to be an 8 book series about a genius, millionaire criminal-mastermind boy named Artemis Fowl.  He is determined to regain his family fortune by kidnapping a fairy.  Not just any fairy....a LEPrecon member who he will hold ransom for their gold.  This isn't the leprechauns we know in the little shorts and funny hats at the end of the rainbow.  These LEPrecons are charged with keeping order of the fairy world.  Is their advance technology a match for Artemis, or does he already know what to expect. 
I will probably read the next one to see if it grows on me.  It is a young adult book, but so is the Hunger Games and I LOVE that one, so maybe there is still hope for Artemis.  I'll be sure to let you know.