Dec 31, 2012
Did you hunt for hours searching for the best tree? 
Did you have to dust off the artificial tree?
Did you know there was another option?  The box tree!!  Or what I like to call the "I just moved and have all these boxes" tree. 

It's pretty awesome.
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This is the 2012 model. Notice, if you will, the beautiful ornaments, the alternating box colors, the green plaid tape and the amazing star topper. 

It is a one-of-a-kind tree. 

But wiat, there's more.  It can also serve as a Christmas card display.  The box ledges serve as little shelves for the cards you get in the mail.

This is just one fine example of the creativity that is going to happen with me and my roommate. 

Don't be jealous.

You think that is the only thing about my Christmas that was different?  Think again. 

I also took part in the annual Christmas Horror Movie Night, hosted by some friends of mine that have been doing this for 5 years. {got to love Christmas traditions}

Christmas Slay, the 2005 horror movie starring the WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg and Lost's Emilie de Ravin, was the movie this year.   Santa isn't the jolly soul you thought him to be. Oh no.  He is acutally a spawn of Satan who lost a bet with an angel and had to be good for a 1000 years.  And guess what, the thousand years is up and Santa is on a rampage....of killing.  It's pretty horrible.  The crazy thing is there seems to be a whole mini genre of horror movies dedicated to Christmas. 

Who knew.

I guess now you do.

I just wanted to share some of the awesomeness.

Total awesomeness.

And that my friends is why when you add a me to a perfectly normal thing, you end up with something a lot more. 

A new Christmas traditon in the making...

Dec 28, 2012
Every family has tradtions for major holidays, even if you think you don' do.  Trust me.

We have many tradtions for Christmas that I didn't even realize until my new roommate (more on that later) asked me one evening while we were eating dinner at IKEA.  {Have you had their meatballs!!!}

Here are a few things that came to mind:
  • Spending the night at Grandma's house
  • The yearly debate between my aunt and dad about when is the right time to open presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas?
  • Still getting a stocking from "Santa" on Christmas morning
  • Having waffles for breakfast
  • Having a wrapping paper fight (think snowball fight with wrapping paper)
  • Playing games and laughing until Icry
  • Watching White Christmas
But as the title suggests, there is a new tradtion that I would love to install commission incorporate into the yearly festivities....taking my niece {and anyone else I can talk into going} to Disney On Ice.  This year's show was Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic. 

And it was, dare I say, magical.

Even though she is only 1, she very much enjoyed it this year.  She was laughing and clapping and doing her little dance during the whole show.  Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

My only complaint is that somehow Princess Aurora didn't make it into the princess bit.  We had Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Mulan but no Aurora??? 

And she's my favorite!

Don't they know who I am?!  Oh, they don't?  Hm.  Still, she should have been there.

Other than that, Disney really delivered.

The costumes were amazing!

 photo 0a7d4007-db90-4a07-b1ce-ba76285027fd_zpsf5f3ea4c.jpg
 photo 03c31020-d37d-401d-90f4-6eaec5537f69_zpsd4ccf5c5.jpg

They had newer Disney and classic Disney.

 photo 5294e0c0-a4f8-4856-b43e-180744495a08_zpsc41badd9.jpg

 photo 2895b2f4-5a96-4f11-b4ea-e170a32b93e3_zps3e5768a4.jpg
It was super cute.

 photo fb58d971-655c-4787-a6f1-d5f556058dda_zps8215c044.jpg

 photo 447f8264-d353-4886-9431-6d35d6326bf2_zps9165ca47.jpg

 When Christmas rolls around again, I'm going to make sure Disney On Ice is part of the celebrations.

*Feld Family Entertainment provided tickets for me and 3 guests to see the show and give my honest and eloquent opinion.  It is definitely honest, maybe not so elequent. *Uhem* Sorry the pictures are a little jank. Phone Camera, enough said. 

I love Christmas except for...

Dec 5, 2012
I like Christmas.  I really do.  I have been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving, I've started the yearly movie list, but there are some things about the Christmas season that drive me a little crazy.

Like Home Alone

Sure it was cute when it first came out, when I was 5!!  That cleaver Kevin, who plays it cool when his parents leave without him and ends up having to defend his house against the burglars, using some very creative means. 

The first one isn't too bad.  I will forever associate "Rocking around the Christmas tree" with the "party" scene from that movie.

But how are there 4 of them?!  Really?  How many times can we see a kid get left alone and have to get rid of the very unintelligent bad people. 

I just don't get it.

I think I would be fine with Home Alone if there were just one or two.  In fact, I know I would.  Not 4.  And rumors of a 5th being shown during the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. 

I can't handle it.

I most definitely have certain songs that I can only handle about once or twice mainly 12 days of Christmas and Feliz Navidad.  

Anyone else?  Hmmm, ok just me.  That's fine, I'll deal with it.

Ok, that's out of my system.  Now a new love.

This is a newer movie, it was released last year and I saw it for the first time a couple days ago.  Arthur Christmas.

Oh goodness.  I laughed so hard! 

It is about the Claus family. Grandsanta, Santa, Mrs. Santa, Steve and Arthur.  Not everything is jolly with the Clause family, in fact they are quite dysfunctional.  Hilariously so.  Steve wants to be Santa, Santa doesn't want to retire, Grandsanta doesn't want his glory days to be over, and to top it off...a present is left in the North Pole!!!!  Gasp!

The cast of voices include top notch actors like Hugh Laurie, James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent, Joan Cusack, and many more!  A very cute story, with some fantastic one liners.  

This will be added to the yearly list for sure!!!

You need to go rent it...and then buy it.  Because it's that awesome.