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Sep 23, 2011
I LOVE to travel!  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I don't get to travel as often as I would like, but who does?  With the season-that-shall-not-be-named coming soon it gets me to thinking about all the warm, sunny places I want to visit for an extended amount of time.  I won't get to many of these places this year, but a girl can dream.  Here are 5 places on the list (the very long list).

Ft. Myers, Florida

I belong at the beach.  The sand, the ocean, a comfy chair and a good book.  Ahhhh.  Absolutely wonderful. 

St. Thomas, USVI

Yes, I know another beach.  I went to St. Thomas almost 11 years ago.  It was so beautiful.  Growing up in Ohio, I never realized how blue water could actually be.  And not just one shade of blue, like 10!


 Why Greece?  You get one guess.  If you said the beach/water you win.  I can't lie, I also want to go there because of the book Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.   

Sydney, Australia

 P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way.  Sydney would be a must if ever I make it to the land down under, but I would love to see other parts of the continent as well.

London, England

As a Beatles fan, there are many places that I would need to see in England.  London has always been a place I wanted to visit.  So much history.  Love!  Surprise it's not for the beach. 

Of all these magical places Ft. Myers is probably the only one I will get to this year, but I will be happy with that.  :)  Where do you want to go?

*All of these pics I got from Pinterest, my latest obsession.*


  1. Stacey said...:

    I want to go to Hawaiiiiiiii!

  1. TigerEyes2001 said...:

    I want to road trip to several of the sites in the US. Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Disneyworld (again), DC (again)... Not necessarily in that order :) Hi! New follower from the Say Hi Sunday blog hop! I hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back! Thanks! :) Through the Eyes of a Tiger

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