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Sep 9, 2011
In case you haven't heard, I joined  :)  I laugh every time I think about it.  ha ha ha

Still not completely sure what I think about this endeavor yet.

It is weird to me doing this online instead of in person.

Part of the "this" is flirting.  ha ha ha ha (can't help it)

Back to flirting.  On the website you have the option of emailing a guy or sending a wink.  Which again I find hilarious.  I get 6 to 8 daily matches and I answer the classic middle school question "Do you like me? Check yes, no, or maybe."  I usually have one or two maybes and the rest are a no.  Sunday on the other hand I had 3, yes 3, guys that caught my eye.  Attractive, educated, didn't come off creepy and interested in things I am.  WOW!!!

Now just because this is online doesn't make me any less shy making a bold first move.  So after much encouragement from friends, I winked.  At all three. And have heard nothing back yet.  Sad face.  I should have just emailed them, but that is a different conversation for another day.

Flirting.  What does it look like in real life?

Here is the opinions of a few members from the guy panel:

How do you know a girl is flirting with you?

Dude 1:  First sign would be if she is going out of her way to talk to you.  The second sign would be non-verbal’s such as smiling, showing interest, or somewhat nervous around you.

Dude 2: If she laughs at my jokes even when they are corny. If she tries to impress me with what she says and what she does, like she checks to see if I'm watching her, or tries to say things that she knows will get a reaction out of me.

How do you flirt?

Dude 1: Try to strike up conversation about something that would be interesting to her.  The conversation would normally be comfortable and I would try to get to know more about her.  I’m not a big fan of the one liners such as “Are you tired?  You should be because you have been running through my mind all day.”  (LOL!)

Dude 2: I've always gone with the idea that I just be straight forward and see what happens. If we are in a group setting, I always try to get next to her.  I try to create a private joke between us, so that we begin to have a secret little bond. So that when people say something that relates to our private joke, we can look at each other and smile or laugh. The more comfortable we both get, the more secret little jokes we have between each other.

So, what do you think?  Anything from the guy panel you agree with?  Don't agree with?


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