First my shovel and now my umbrella

Nov 29, 2011
Today you get to hear a sad, sad story from my youth.  I remember like it was yesterday, picture it, I was  8 years old and just had an amazing day at a friend's birthday party.  So much fun, and I even was going home with  prize.  A beautiful bucket and shovel to play with in the sand.  It was perfect.  I loved my shovel and bucket.  My dad came with my younger sister (who's a mom now, just in case you missed that) to pick me up.

If there was dramatic music to let you know something bad was about to happen, it would be playing right now.

There we were driving home, the windows down, the sun shining.  My sister wanted to see my shovel.  And by see I mean play with and adore.  Of course I didn't want to part with my shovel, but being a good sister I gave it to her.  She has always been the curious type, that day was no different.  She got the brilliant idea to stick the shovel out the window and let the wind push it.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  You guessed it.  The shovel flew out of her hands and out onto the street.  I start crying and frantically telling my dad to turn around because my shovel was out there.  He didn't understand what in the world I was trying to tell him through my tears.  So that day I ended up with a bucket with no shovel.  I was traumatized. 

My family has had to hear the retelling of this story so many times.
So many times that they have bought me

 many a shovel and bucket to replace the ones from that fateful day. 

The other day is was rainy and windy and gross. My sister was leaving the house with a basket of laundry and me being a nice sister said,
"Hey, I got a new free umbrella. I will protect you and your clean laundry from the wind and rain."
"No" she replies "I'll be fine."
"I insist. It is huge and will cover us both."

Out into the elements we go.  Open the umbrella take two steps outside and whoosh!  Inside out it goes. "Noooooo!" I bust out laughing.  We get back inside and I put on my best sad face and show my parents my poor sad umbrella.

"Oh no" my dad says, "this isn't going to be like the shovel is it?" 


Pass the marshmallows, I mean sweet potatoes.

Nov 23, 2011
Thanksgiving = family, food, Macy's parade, food, Lion's football (woot woot), and have I mentioned food?

I love family traditions. So much fun!

One tradition we have is having sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.  Not really sure that it counts as a tradition if it is a food, but my Thanksgiving isn't complete without it.  Seriously I love them! 

Ok so it may be more like marshmallows with sweet potatoes.

Ten things I'm thankful for:
  1. My niece
  2. My friend being home from Japan
  3. Getting to spend time with family 
  4. My jobs
  5. My friends
  6. Sunshine (we won't see much of that with gray winter coming)
  7. My health
  8. A working car....did you hear that car I said you were working.
  9. The people in the Armed Forces...Thanks for your sacrifice!
  10. Having basic necessities-house, clothes, heat, food
What family traditions do you have?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

I'm an Aunt!!!

Nov 22, 2011
My sister had her baby!!!!  

Isn't she just the cutest little baby ever! 

I love being an aunt! (I have a feeling this post will be full of exclamation points) 

Cassandra Anne 7 lbs 2 oz of absolute cuteness!!!

And like a good aunt I'm torturing all my friends with all the pictures I have on my phone.
I can't help it....I just love her!!!

We have already had some nice bonding moments...... did that one get in here.  :)

Ashton Kutcher works at Walmart....

Nov 20, 2011 least he did in my dream.  Yes! I had another really bizarre dream the other night. This is the third one in like two weeks.  Here's what I remember...

I was with a group of women and we were in the store talking and walking around. (I don't remember seeing signs that told me it was Walmart, but sometimes in dreams you just know.)  Somehow we ended up in the "bathroom", well more like a dressing room for a theater.  

I warned you, it was bizarre. 

We are all talking away, when in walks Ashton Kutcher to clean???   The group is just talking away and as some of them leave I stay behind to talk a little to Ashton.  I eventually ask him out, I can't for the life of me remember if he said yes. 

 That's when I wake up.  

Why this dream is random....
  • I'm not really an Ashton fan. He's on the cute guys list, but not even in the top 20.  An ok actor, but his character in real life leaves a little to be desired.
  • How did he even make it into the dream?  Now some of you will be saying, "Duh! It has been all over the internet about him and Demi."  But I hadn't been reading anything about it until the next day when it showed up on my browser home page.  I don't even care.  It's none of my business what goes on in their personal lives.
  • Bathroom/theater dressing room???  What the heck is that all about?

Maybe I'm eating something before bed that I shouldn't.  I'll let you know if there are more.

**Please don't get me in trouble because I talked about Ashton....working at Walmart.....and not being in my top 20.**

I (we) WON!!!!

Nov 16, 2011
I have the worst luck when it comes to winning.  Especially when it is really luck that you need, with no talent involved. Oh and BINGO is the worst of the worst.

So the worstest....est.

How can one be bad at Bingo? I have no idea!  My grandparents had bought one of those little Bingo games where you can spin the balls round and round in the little cage.  Some of my family members played it one Christmas Eve for an hour at least.  Everyone won 3 or 4 times. EXCEPT ME!  Seriously! It didn't matter if I had one board or four.  I couldn't win.

In fact another Bingo experience was at a chicken festival in southern Ohio.  They had....a Bingo tent! You played for a quarter and you used little corn kernels for markers, it was so cute and small town like.  I went in, hoping Bingo and I could be friends.  Nope not a chance.  Lost, lost, lost, lost, intervention, lost, gave up, well one more, lost, really gave up and went to find some chicken to eat. My sister laughs at my experiences with Bingo and who can blame her.

A couple weeks ago I went shopping with my sister and brother-in-law to look for some boots.  We are looking around Shoe Carnival when the dude calls over the announcements that the person who finds the staff member Melanie and brings her name tag to the front gets to spin the prize wheel. 

The PRIZE WHEEL!!! Oh snap! 

I had always wanted to spin that thing. But why try to find her, I have the worst luck.  That's when I hear my sister say "That was easy." Huh? A staff member had just walked around the corner and my wonderful, brilliant sister asked her her name and it was Melanie!  We won! We won! I ran and skipped to the front so excited to win a prize.  The dude wasn't quite sure how to react to my enthusiasm. I spun the wheel and got $5 off!  Yeah!!! 

Ok, ok my sister won. But she wasn't buying shoes, so I'll claim that win for me. 

Moral of the story: A long as you take a lucky person with you, you can win prizes even though you don't have enough luck to win at Bingo. 


Nov 12, 2011
Of all the dating/relationship advice that is out there why have I never heard the following pieces of advice......

1) Don't date your best friend's brother.

2) Don't date your best friend's (same friend in #1) serious boyfriend's best friend.  
Did you get all that?

Why you ask.....because you will see these guys a lot after you break up, causing great moments of awkwardness. Granted it does get better, but still a little weird.  For instance when your best friend marries said boyfriend and asks you to be in the wedding + two guys you dated also in wedding = AWKWARD! Thankfully, I didn't walk down the aisle with either of them, but what a fun limo ride when a random conversation about being friends with girlfriends after you break up takes place.  Seriously?!

When these friends are leaving the country for two years and have a going away party, you go and see....former boyfriend A with wife and baby on the way and former boyfriend B with wife and newborn and even though you try to avoid them you end up having to say yourself....because you are single = AWKWARD!!!!

And does it seem awkward for them??? of course not!  I think the awkwardness is more that I want them to see how happy I am with my life too.  I just don't have a spouse and kid to prove my happiness.  I have a table full of friends, a new niece(!!!!!!!), a new job, and boots.  They did see the boots. Oh this need to prove myself to others....silly sanguine.

The moral of the story: if you ever get asked out by a good friend's brother followed by a good friend of the guy she is with, think long and hard about what that will entail.  

It could be worth it, then again maybe not.

I'm gonna be a professional skateboarder...

Nov 7, 2011

at least in my dreams. 

The other night I had a very weird and random dream.  I was at a skateboard shop (do those even exist) picking out the perfect board to buy.  I'm pretty sure it looked something like this....

I told you. Random.  From what I can remember of the dream I went to this store and talked to the clerk about wanting to skateboard, because it was on my bucket list.  Which it's not.  

I then tried the board out. 

And not only did I miraculously know how to skateboard, but I also did some slick tricks.  I then debated if I should actually spend money on this, since the board was very expensive and I probably wouldn't use it very often.  I don't think I bought it, the dream is kinda fuzzy from there.

When I woke up, I actually laughed out loud.  How this came to mind I have no idea. I think I tried to skateboard when I was like ten and I couldn't even figure out how to stand on the thing.  In fact it kinda freaked me out.  I think it takes an extreme amount of talent just to get on those devices. How people don't break their necks riding them shocks me. 

But in my dream I was amazing.! 

This almost inspires me to try again. Almost. And then I come back to reality.

If anyone out there interprets dreams, I'd be curious to hear what you think it means. 

Ha ha ha ha ha.  :)

Suits me just fine

Nov 2, 2011
I am a fan of Pinterest. To say the least.

I find so many funny, 
and beautiful things on there.

Recently I added (inspired by this blog) an Eye Candy board. Where like a silly teenage girl I have collected pictures of some handsome men. Hey why not? The funny thing is I noticed that all of these guys are wearing suits.  I seriously have a thing for a guy dressed up.  So. Hot. 
I'll share a few....

Yeah. I know. Um..... you have some drool...there you got it.

I love Pinterest. And guys in suits.  ;)