Random Monday: My Favorite Birthday Present

Sep 19, 2011
A week ago was my birthday!  Yeah!!  I actually claim the whole month of September to celebrate my birthday but that's another story.

Today I want to share with you my FAVORITE present!  It was given to me by a cute little second grader at my church.

She came to me, apologized for not realizing that the other day was my birthday and then gave me this:

And inside I found so many little magical things....

What every 26 yr old needs
Some Lovely Necklaces
A pink Monkey

A quarter
Random ribbon that I tied into a bow 
A mini telescope from Vacation Bible School in 2005

But my all-time favorite gift was this one....

Five business cards that are identical on the front, but have two different backs.  She explained to me that it is a game, and gave me a brief tutorial.   First, mix up the cards.  Then you tell a person to pick the one they think is our pastor's business card.  I picked one that had info about our church service on the other side.  :(  I lost, but she said I could try again.  And there it is!  Now you know how to play, too.

Too stinkin' cute.  She is such a sweetheart, and best I can figure she either gave me some of her treasures or cleaned out her junk drawer. Hard to tell the difference really. 

Have a wonderful random Monday. 

P.S.  Did you sign up to win the magical alcohol-free hand sanitizer yet?  It could be your fake birthday present!  Wait, unless it is your birthday, then it could be a real birthday present.


  1. Stacey said...:

    She is THE CUTEST 7 year old on the planet. And she gets all that cuteness from her awesome mom!

    P.S. She got this present together on your actual birthday. She woke up and said, "Mom! Today is Miss Jenny's birthday! I have to make her a present!" It was preciousness.

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