Costume ideas: 6 Tips and Tricks

Oct 23, 2012
Halloween is coming.
And whether you celebrate or not, dressing up in a costume always equals a good time.

Over the years there have been some costumes that I have been especially proud of and some that were borderline disastrous.

Feeling the pressure of getting a stellar costume together?  Worry no more!

1) Look for inspiration in pop culture

Flo: White apron, jeans, white shirt, headband.  Name tag, logo and I <3 Progressive button printed on copy paper and taped on.  Tease hair and add red lipstick and a big personality.  Done!  

Where's Waldo and Mrs Waldo?: White shirt and red duct tape.  Mrs. needs some sweet striped socks and some glasses.  Mr Waldo needs a hat and the essential cane and glasses.

2) Be inspired by a theme

I believe this was 70s/80s day at work.  The crazy part was I already owned most o these items.  I just needed to put them together and add a LOT of makeup.

70s girl: Belted mini dress and scarf as a headband.
80s girl: Layers!  Leg warmers, leggings, mini skirt, oversized bright shirt, bangels lage earrings, big hair and a lot of bright eye shadow.

3) Be classic
Being a princess also requires the attitude.  I was a guest princess for the girls' birthday party.  So fun.  
Fake Cinderella: "Cinderella" type dress from a costume shop, choker (ribbon from Hobby Lobby), matching blue headband (headband "frame" and ribbon from Hobby Lobby), ballet flats or glass slippers if you haven't lost them recently.

4) Look in your closet
Like the 80s costume, you never know what you can find in your closet (leg warmers were compliments of my mother's closet)!  A simple cowgirl outfit would require a plaid shirt and some low pigtails.  If you have boots and a hat even better.  Go for the innocent cowgirl and add some freckles using an eyeliner pencil.

5) Buy pieces carefully
Part of the problem might have been that I waited until the last minute to pull this costume together.  The other part of the problem is that pictures on packages lie.  In the picture the dress went past her knees.

Fail picture. Fail

Sibylline Sisterhood from Doctor Who's the Fires of Pompeii: Red cape, red dress, bangles, eyes on hands with eyeliner pencil.

6) Not feeling creative? Check out some online markets.
You never know what someone else has already created that you can just buy and look amazing without all the hard work.
Check out the Etsy store of Passage to the North for some vintage costumes and some recent beauties like the Mirror Mirror inspired dress pictured above.

And there you have it!  
Dare to be creative when pulling together a costume. 

Book Review time!!

Oct 18, 2012
Its that time!!  The part of the show where I share my thoughts about my recent readings.

You've missed this haven't you?
Of course you have!

A review of the three books I received for my unbirthday.

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy by Jeanne Birdsall

An adorable story that is geared toward 8-12 year olds, but I found it charming and funny.  
"Meet the Penderwicks, four different sisters with one special bond. There’s responsible, practical Rosalind; stubborn, feisty Skye; dreamy, artistic Jane; and shy little sister Batty, who won't go anywhere without her butterfly wings." ~ About the Penderwicks 
The family is vacationing for the summer at a little cottage called Arundal.  Of course Arundal is on a much larger estate owned by the uptight and cranky Mrs. Tifton, who does not enjoy loud and exuberant children playing in her precious gardens.  The four sisters are full of adventure and there might be a little mischief in their path.  They quickly befriend the mysterious boy they saw in the window of the grand mansion upon their arrival and proceed to have a summer they will never forget.  

The Penderwicks is the first of  five book series (three are currently written and published). The other books in the series so far are The Penderwicks on Gardam Street and The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.

Full Speed by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes 

  This is the third book in what I refer to as the "Full series".  Jamie Swift is on the hunt. For the biggest story of her career that is.  And who should be in the middle of this story but the sexy annoying millionaire Max Holt.  She convinces *uhem* him to have her as partner in exposing the crooked (with possible mob ties) minister.  Much like Stephanie Plum, Jamie finds herself in bizarre situations and trouble...a lot of trouble.  But what else is new.
I love Jamie's spunky personality and determination to make sure she's in on the action. 


The Cat Who Smelled a Rat by Lilian Jackson Braun
This series has been on my maybe list for a while and now I can officially cross it off.  EVERYONE owned a cat.  I get that some people like cats and sure it says cat in the title, so I expected a few of the furry creatures to be in the book.  But why did everyone need to own one.  I had my cousin read it too, because she is a cat person.  She owns two, so maybe she would appreciate the book more.  Not so much.  Then the main two Koko and Yum Yum help solve the mystery by giving their owner little cryptic messages through their behavior? Sorry Ms. Braun, it's just not doing it for me.

So about the book... The next exciting event for the little town of Moose County is "The Big One", that would be the big first snow for the Alaskan town.  So when fires start breaking out at some of the historical mines and someone is murdered the townspeople are all abuzz with the latest gossip.  Is it Arson?  An accident?  Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum are leaning towards arson.  How are the two related and how could something like this happen in the perfect small town?

Maybe you will have a different point of view than me.  Let me know if you have read any of the other "The Cat Who..." series and if they are in the Amazing, It was ok, or Blah category.

Random Saturday thoughts

Oct 13, 2012
I've been rather random of late and it is time you were forced joined the fun.

When I least expect it.....

This is what happens when a first grader challenges you....and someone is there with a camera...and puts it on Facebook.

Don't be jealous.  {Is it healthy to laugh that hard?}

If you can't do this, you can blame your mom.  No really, it's a heredity thing.  For the record my mom can still do this.  She showed me yesterday.  :)  Maybe not the cross-eyed part, but the tongue on nose thing yes. 

This game has recently made a reappearance in my life.  I played this in middle school all.the.time.

It's not a super popular game, and is hard to find in game stores.  It is really fun and worth hunting down to the ends of the earth! 
{Dramatic much} 
 Or you can buy it on Amazon.

You have a pile that you need to get rid of faster than anyone else.  And you do so building piles in the middle going 1 to 10.  But everyone is adding to those piles so it gets crazy. :)
 Someone compared it to Nertz? I've never played Nertz so I have no idea.  I do know that I'm kinda awesome. 

Last week I went to a preseason hockey game with my dad.  You know, the guy that told me lies as a child.
We could sit anywhere in the arena.  Guess where I picked. 

Right behind the bench.  *sigh*  Tonight is the opening game.  Yeah!  Let's get a win Walleye!!!

Last random thought for the day....

I'm trying to brush up on some Spanish.  I bought this fun book to help me out...
They break Spanish words into English words so you know how to pronounce it correctly.  
So con gusto becomes Cone Goose Toe. 
Lol.  Hey, it works!

Oh wait I forgot one! 

Have you heard Adele's new song for the James Bond movie Skyfall?  In typical Adele's awesome!

Very important question....Can you touch your nose with your tongue?  

Be cool *uhem* like me and post it on Facebook.  Tag Men, Money and Me 
Even if you can't quite reach I want to see you try.  

You know you are trying anyway.

More from the Tube of You...

Oct 9, 2012
People showed me I found some more videos on YouTube that you NEED to see. 

I don't just pass on any video that crosses my path.  I only send the really good ones your way.

First up.....

I'm not an Ohio State fan, but this. is. amazing!  You need to be at least a little bit of a video game person to fully appreciate this, but if you know anything about Mario Bros., Tetris, PacMan, or Halo you'll enjoy it.  

Ok, I take that back....

Even if you don't know much about those video games you'll enjoy the choreography.  

Seriously. Amazing.

Next on the docket...

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  You've read Pride and Prejudice.  You've seen the A&E version with the amazing Colin Firth.  You've seen the newest rendition with Kiera Knightly.  You may have even gone as far as watched the Bollywood version called Bride and Prejudice.

**Bride and Prejudice tangent**  If you haven't, you need to put that on your need to watch list.  Hilarious.I might have convinced my sister I was going to do the "Cobra Dance" at her wedding.
Now there is the story in vlog format.
I'm kinda in love. 

I apologize now for getting this song stuck in your head....

He's sooooo cute!  Waddle Waddle.  Got any grapes.  I love how angry the Lemonade Stand guy got.  

Was it at least a little funny.  You laughed, right?

It gets a win because it is Doctor Who.  It is also a win because there is more fake David Tennants than fake Matt Smiths.  (Sorry, Matt, I just love David Tennant.)
It's cute, but I'm pretty sure the Ohio grrls could make a better one. 

There you have it, for your Tuesday viewing pleasure, some slightly funny and very cool videos.