Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players

Mar 20, 2012
Sunday night I went to a hockey game with my friend on her date.  The date wasn't too awesome, so when we sent the boys home, we went fishing for some Walleye. 

The people kind, not the fish kind.

I might have added "go on a date with a Walleye" on my Bucket List.  

This picture was two games ago...The best I did was pose for a picture and say thanks.

Not. this. time!!!  This time I had a mini-conversation.

There we were waiting for the guys to start coming out of the locker room.  And we see them....Some fine looking men in suits.  Remember what suits do to me?
I ask them all "Are any of you number 22 or 27?"

"I'm 22." 

I proceed to tell him that even though they lost, I appreciated his amazing hits on the other team and yeah...that was pretty much it.  He was very nice and said thanks and....again pretty much it. 

My friend and I got a little star struck. blush.

Of course after all was said and done and my friend and I evaluated what could have happened....we wrote:

"The Top Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players"*
(but we're not that bold)

10)When you hit that guy into the boards....it was really hot.
9) When you came out of the locker room with your shaggy hair and suit....you were really hot.
8) Your scruffy beard...so hot!
7) That cut on your cheek...hot!
6) Mr. Goalie, when you got in that dude's face and shoved him around a bit...that was hot.
5) When you didn't put up with #27's crap...that was hot.
4)Did we mention how hot you are in a suit??  Well, you're hot.
3) When you stopped to talk to me...that was hot.
2) Mr. Goalie, when you came back into the game kinda broken to take over after the other goalie was scored on twice in a minute and a half....that was hot.
1) Walleye #27, when you got thrown out of the game...that was smokin' hot.

*This was written after some caffeine and sugar.  We were being silly girls. 

Ten ways the date could have been better....

Mar 19, 2012
Last night I went on a first date!  But it wasn't mine.  :)  A friend met a guy through eharmony and was meeting him for the first time.  Being the smart woman she is she didn't want to go alone.  (He could after all still be a weirdo and creeper.)  She asked me to be the co-pilot.  How fun!!

We went to a Walleye hockey game, which if you know me at all you know I was TOTALLY ok with this.  Her date brought his younger bother, who was only a few years younger than me.  It didn't turn into a double date, which I was soooo thankful for. 

Nothing exciting really happened during the date and after the game we parted ways.  We sent the guys on their way (they had a couple hours drive ahead of them) and we wandered around the arena hoping to spot a hockey player....which we did.

And we talked to two of them.  I was being bold.  Are you proud?

Two very hot hockey players.

It helped saved the night from being an epic fail. 

My friend and I ended up at a sports bar and reviewed the evenings events...and created the:

"Top Ten Ways the Date Could Have Been Better"

10) He could have been hot.

9) He could have had less hair product.

8) The hockey team could have won.  (9-1 ouch!!)

7) He could have dressed nicer. (tucked in t-shirt)

6) He could have gotten sick and had to leave early.

5) He could have brought a present.

4) He could have been less awkward.

3) He could have offered to buy food at the game.

2) He could have brought a hot friend.

1) He could have been hot.

We made several lists last night....check back tomorrow for the "Top Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players."

It's not easy being me

Mar 14, 2012
I mean really.   I find myself in the weirdest situations sometimes.  Here is something that happened last week that proves it....

Once upon a time I was in a pizza joint waiting on my order.  I always feel a little awkward just sitting there, sometimes I pretend I'm doing something incredibly important on my phone, sometimes I read the random papers that are on the wall.  This particular day the pizza place was hopping, so I was just watching them make all of the magically delicious pizzas.  If people looked my way as they came in, I would smile as they went on to placing their orders. 

Then came Earl. 

I don't actually know what his name is, but Earl would fit.

So in comes Earl with his scraggly beard and kind of scraggly hair.  Me being the nice person I am, smile.  He orders his pizza and then decides to come chat with me.  Now me being a sanguine, I enjoy meeting new random people and have no problem talking to whoever wants to chat it up in the pizza place.  I was not ready for this conversation though...first line...no joke..."You look beautiful today." 

What I say: "Oh, thanks."  smile.
What I think: That was nice...wait how old are you like 60? Creepo meter just jumped 10 numbers.  Pizza, please be done soon.

He continues on a more normal note... I was still in shock, but it went something like this: 
"Man, am I hungry!  Doing work on my house...took guy home that was helping me...I watch a lot of TV....not very productive." Meanwhile I'm mmmhhhmm, oh and okay-ing.   

And then he hits me with another random line.

"Not much is happening in my love life right now.  I would like to get married again, and give that another shot."

What I say: Oh....awkward smile.
What I think:  What did he just say!!!!  OMG who says that to a stranger in a pizza place?!  I hope that wasn't him hitting on me!!!  Has it been 15 minutes yet?  Someone give me my pizza.

So awkward.  He just keeps talking.  "Addition on to house...lives with 92 year old mom....wants to visit his kids and grand kids in Florida." 

I don't want to be a jerk, I mean he hasn't like tried to make a creepy move on me or anything, so I just continue with the smiling, mmmhhhhmm-ing, and okay-ing. 

And then the moment I was waiting for..."Miss, your pizza is ready."  I jumped up so fast and I'm pretty sure angles were singing, and a bright light directed me to my pizza and then to the door.

"It was nice talking to you." he says.

"Yeah, you too."  smile.

"Maybe I'll see you around here again."

What I say: Smile....as I walk out the door.
What I think: Thank goodness I live a half hour away.

See it's not easy being me.

February's reading list...

Mar 12, 2012
I know, I know we are already 12 days into March, but you still need February's reading list.

Kinsey Millhone Californian private detective once again finds herself in the middle of a dangerous case.  While she is shopping, she notices a lady shoplifting.  She reports what she saw to the clerk and the lady is arrested.  The next day the lady commits suicide...or did she?  This moment leads Kinsey right into the middle of a million dollar shoplifting ring and ends with her getting a black eye and a nose job.  Sue Grafton does an amazing job revealing characters and somehow flawlessly bringing them all together.  I personally enjoyed the earlier books in the series more, but this was still a good page-turner.

Wait! A Christian Vampire?!  I will admit, it sounds a little hokey, but OMG!!!  It was such a good book.  What if humans who were wicked and horrible were turned into vampires so they could repent of their ways and get a second chance?  Not a bad idea.  Now what happens if the vampire never changes?  That's the question Rafael, a vampire still working things out, is forced to deal with when a vampire he sired is out of control.  He enlists the aid of Susan a girl who thought she was coming to Prague to just bury her grandmother, but has a connection to vampires that she is unaware of.  And apparently an attraction. wink. wink. An amazing fight between good and evil or is it good and a little bad against a whole lot of evil?  Either way this book ends on a total cliffhanger that will have you begging for it to be October already (see below).

WARNING**  This is the first of a trilogy and is the only one out.  The second is scheduled to come out October 2012, and the third sometime in 2013.  Can't wait!!!

Let me know what you think.