Bucket List

This list is ever-changing.  Just as things will be crossed off the list, things will be added.  You get to join in the journey.

Learn how to surf
Watch a polo match
Go to the Olympics (to watch, but not ruling out the possibility of being in.)
Visit Audrey Hepburn's grave 
Find 100 geocaches- 43 as of 6/26
Learn to speak Italian
Travel Europe
Volunteer with UNICEF
Be a storm chaser
Learn to ride a horse
Be a part of a flash mob
Be part of an archeological dig
Go to Egypt to see the Pyramids
Go to all 50 states-traveling through them doesn't count(19/50)
Go to New York for New Year's
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Go to a Ball
Write a book
Host a charity event
Host a fashion show
Go skeet shooting
Go to a film Festival (Sundance, Toronto) 
Be in a movie
Be in a ballroom dance competition 
Learn archery
Own a boat and sail down the east coast
Be a Private Detective
Have a house with a library
Find something with a metal detector
Crash a wedding 
Run a 5K 
Learn to knit 
Have breakfast at Tiffany & Co. in New York 
Go on a date with a Walleye
Go on an date with a Mud Hen
See where Frank Sinatra was born
Visit Frank Sinatra's grave 
Go to London