Fashion Friday!!! Mix and match.

Sep 16, 2011
Another Fashion Friday is here!  I love some of these looks.  I'm feeling a shopping trip in on my to-do list today.  Yep.
Back to School Special

A few years ago, I worked at a popular children's store where I learned the importance of mixing and matching pieces in order to build a wardrobe.

The basic recipe is as follows:
Look #1 = Jacket + Top + Skirt Look
#2 = Top + Jeans Look
#3 = T-shirt + Leggings

Mix and match pieces to create multiple looks - the goal is to create about 20 or so different looks with these 7 pieces. I realize that 7 pieces of clothing may work for a 3 year old, but not necessarily for an adult who needs office attire, formal and club wear, etc. However, the basic formula applies to us all, and with an emphasis on accessories, a person can really change up their look without spending a fortune on new clothes.

~Midnight Cowgirl

P.S.  Did you see the giveaway earlier?


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