About Me

You know you want to know who is writing this crazy blog, hence why you clicked on the "About Me" tab do-hicky.  Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a 20 something single chica living life as best I know how. I have a loving family and awesome friends.  I have a BA in Education and work part time at my awesome church as the Children's Ministry Director (sounds fancy huh). I'm loud and at times probably annoying to some, but I also like to think I bring excitement to my little world.  

Why Men, Money and Me?  Originally this was going to be a book instead of a blog, mostly because when I thought of the idea at 9 yrs old blogs weren't really around.  Here you will find little tid-bits of info as well as the silly things that happen to me and other rockin' females I know.  

My vision for this blog is to be a source of information and some good laughs.  I will talk about (any guesses) men.  What makes them tick? What does he mean when a guy says insert comment here or does insert action here? I recognize I am uhem...not an expert on this topic but I do have guys that are going to let me pick their brain. **Warning**  This blog will not be a like a Taylor Swift song that is about all the guys I date and how they done me wrong. Although she does make a lot of money so....   

$$ Money. This green paper product is a necessity of life.  Some of us have a lot (see Taylor Swift reference above) and some not so much...that be me. You can expect to find ways to save greenbacks and maybe even make some.  In fact the lottery numbers for tonight are.... pshhh if I knew I wouldn't be the poor one.  So anywho we'll talk about money, yeah that's what I wanted to say.

Now for the "Me" part. Lucky for you there's a lot to me.  We're talking music, movies, sports, hobbies, chocolate, books, travel locations, chocolate (yeah I know I said that already it's just that important) and any other topic you lovely people want to talk about.  

So now you have it.  That's the "About Me" page.  Uh...over and out....peace...talk to you later.  I'll have to work on that. :)