Did I just hear a moo?!

Sep 21, 2011
I am in denial that summer is coming to an end.  Don't get me wrong I love fall.  The colors. The bonfires. The corn mazes and pumpkin patches.  LOVE! 

But we all know what comes after fall....I can't say the word....it starts with a "w" and ends with "inter".

This is also a reason why I have Belongitis Southernexia.  Me and snow don't get along. 

ADD moment!  Back to the end of summer. To rebel against the end of summer, I still do summer type things. 

One of my favorite things to do every summer, is go to the drive-in movies!  Sitting outside, watching the big screen....fabulous!  My sister told me about the Field of Dreams drive-in in Liberty Center.  Last weekend they showed Grease and Back to the Future!  Classic!  Had to go.

This was my first time to the Field of Dreams and can I just say for this being run by a family on their property, I was SO impressed!  Everything was very organized and well run.  Before you go, check out their website www.fieldofdreamsdrivein.com for tons of information.  They also have volleyball, cornhole, putt-putt, ladder golf and bocci...for free!  Seriously very impressed. 

Now you missed out with the classic movies, but for their final weekend of the season they are showing The Help and Shark Night on screen 1 and Warrior and Columbiana on screen 2.  Squeeze in one more summer activity before fall really shows up and check them out this weekend. 

My favorite part of the night didn't really have anything to do with the actual drive-in (sorry).  Liberty Center is in the middle of the cornfields (not a bad drive though, took about 35 min.).  There we are, watching the movie when all of a sudden I hear...no, it can't be....yep it totally is...a moo!  That's awesome!!!! 

You know you are in the country when you hear a moo. At the movies. 

It wasn't crazy loud, so don't be sad if you don't get to hear it.  It totally made me giggle. 

Must. go. back.  Like I said this was their last weekend, but they will open again in the spring.  My hope is to have an awesome give-away when they re-open.  So let's start counting down the days. 
Well, maybe let's wait with an actual "days until" number until the new year.  At this point I think I will just be depressed that it is so far away. 

Ok where is my ice cream?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ha ha, I remember how much you love cows! Remember this..MOO COW MOO!! Love you!

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