What did I get myself into now?

Aug 31, 2012
By now, you should know me enough to know that I get myself into the most interesting of situations.

Randomness has struck again, my friend.

This past week I went to a Mud Hens game with my dad and a couple friends.  I don't know about your local minor league games, but ours are rockin'!  I enjoy baseball (it was on my summer list remember), but even more I enjoy the time with friends and hanging out in the wonderful outdoors.

But one of the best things is the little in-between games they play with the spectators.  Are you picking up where this is going?

I walked myself over to the Customer Service booth and asked "Where do I sign up for the games?"

"Well.....here, fill this out, but I think they picked everyone already."


"They might call you if someone doesn't show up."

"You never know!"  

A couple innings later.....Oh I missed a call.  I wonder.....you guessed it, someone didn't show up!  Yeah!!!!

Myself and three other people ended up playing one of the minute to win it games.

I think I look like a distressed pirate.  Ha ha ha. Side note: There's my Tiffany's necklace!
I had to get the cookie from my forehead to my mouth without using my hands.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  Wait. I don't think it even sounds easy.

A little more serious in this picture, but boy do I look like a dork!  These pictures are begging for crazy captions.  GO!

I was soooo close!  But alas, I failed.  They did give me a prize, though!

A random prize, seeing that it was last season's Pink Ice night for the hockey team.  But hey, I was there so I was cool with it.  I was/am pretty excited about it.

I posted this pic on my Facebook page, proud of my accomplishment.  That's when I started getting the..."I saw you!" "I was wondering if that was you!" "I told my friends I knew that girl".  Oh Toledo, the little big city where you go to a random baseball game and end up knowing a dozen people there. 

What did I learn from this experience:
1) I loved every second of it!
2) I will totally do it again. (Technically that was my second time being pulled down to the field for a game.)
3) I'm glad I wore a cute shirt.
4) The cheek muscles are the key to get the cookie from the forehead to the mouth.


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