Speaking of bucket lists....

Aug 4, 2012
Do you ever add items to your to-do list after you have done them, just so you can cross it off. 

Yes? Good!  
I totally do that.  

Hey it was something I accomplished that day that needed to be done that somehow missed the original list.  It is so legit.

Next question....does that same philosophy work for bucket lists? 

I think I heard a yes.  Good!  'Cause that's what I did.

On the way home from New York we decided to hop over to Hoboken, New Jersey to see TLC's The Cake Boss.  How fun are we.

But as much as we wanted to eat these lovely creations....
We didn't have the time to wait in the 2 1/2 hour line!!!  

*Note to self: when going back, order online the previous day so you don't have to wait in line.

No the Cake Boss wasn't what was added to the bucket list...sorry Carlo.

Hannah: Let's go to Hoboken to see Cake Boss.
Me: Ok, that would be fun......lightbulb. Wait!  Frank Sinatra was from Hoboken!  
And then angels sang.

After escaping the thousands of calories we would have joyously eaten at Carlo's Bake Shop, we headed off to find Frank's childhood home.

Unfortunately it was torn down and is now a little grassy lot, but they did have this cool star on the sidewalk.

I was on cloud 1,000 again.  I was on the street that ole Blue Eyes grew up on!!!  Ahhhh sooo cool!!!!

Poor little star was looking a little sad.  Hey people of Hoboken, someone needs to fix that.  Don't you realize how important that is?! 

And that my friends is what I added to my bucket list
And then crossed off. 

I also added "Visit Frank Sinatra's grave". I don't know how that didn't make it the first time around.
Anyone heading to California, that I can bum a ride? 


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