Another reason it's not easy being me....

Aug 11, 2012
Every once in a while I feel the need to remind those around me, that in fact, it's not easy being me. 


Yesterday was a tough day.....I was blamed twice throughout the day.  Yes, it's true.

First friend:  "Thanks to Jen Thompson I am now on Pinterest... I blame her!"

How she has made it this long without Pinterest is a surprise to me....think of the brand new world I just opened her up to. 

Later that day another friend decides to blame me....." Guess I've made a lot of memories recently because my current memory box (you know, the cute little box where I toss things like ticket stubs, school i.d.'s, baby announcements, wedding programs, etc.) is full! I mostly blame the wedding boom of 2010 (you know who you are!) and my partner in adventuring, Jen Thompson."

This is the friend that I dragged went with to DC and NYC recently.  (We are also going on an adventure soon after I post this.)  

Well guess what friends!  I fully accept the blame and you're welcome.  :) 

May I continue to be blamed for more awesome things in the future.

Got to run...I hear some hockey calling my name. 
That's right. 


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