I was crafty.....don't be too surprised now

Aug 9, 2012
It doesn't happen too often, but I made something and it actually turned out!  Last month as part of my Operation:Adventure this summer, I helped run a kids camp.  If you check out some of those pictures, you can probably guess we had a fantastic time.  You might also be able to guess that the theme this year was the Olympics. 
I got the brilliant idea that it wouldn't be right to have an Olympics theme without medals. 
I then got the brilliant idea that I could make them super easy.
I was right.

I know the Olympics are winding down, but here is a simple craft for you to keep in mind if you ever have the sudden urge to make medals.

Super glittery scrapbook paper (Gold, Silver and Bronze...of course)
Round cork coasters (pk of 4 at Michaels for $.87)
Black acrylic paint and a little paint brush
Single hole punch
Double sticky tape

First I traced the coasters on the scrapbook paper. I bought 12" X 12" paper and could fit 9 on one sheet.  If you don't need that many you could buy the 8 1/2" X 11".

I then poked a hole in the coaster with a pencil, marked on the paper where my hole should be and...Punch! Then use the magical double sticky tape to attach the two.  You then can paint whatever you want your medal to say.

Now you add a sweet ribbon and ta-dah!!!  

Medals fit for some fun times! 

Pretty brilliant, huh?  Thanks!  I just try to be a little awesome.


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