There's a goat on the roof!

Aug 15, 2012
Before my grand trip to NYC, I went to Amish country in Ohio with the fam.  It's pretty there and you can get some great food, but it's not really my speed.  As's too slow.  Aaaanyway.

One of the random things we did.

Wait! I guess doing random things runs in the family!  It's not just me!!! 


We went to a...I really don't know what to call zoo/store?  We pull in and the first thing that catches my attention....

Oh, look a goat....on the roof!!!!  And he's not alone...
This would be the little buffet line for the goats.  Crazy.  
Goats on the roof.  Boggles my little brain.  Oh and see the sign about The big horse....

They're Amish, they don't lie....3,000 pounds of horse.  Gi.nor.mous. I'm not usually nervous around horses, but I wasn't getting too friendly with this guy.

Oh look another goat...
Hello little goat, do you want to be my friend? 
I want a baby goat.  I'd name him Billy the kid.  LOL. 
Pretty bad huh.
And yet, I giggle every time I say it. Ha!

But wait there's more!!  What is that in the corner????
I know it's hard to read..."Careful! Don't feed the Zorse."  Whaaa???  What the heck is a Zorse?

Naturally, a zebra/horse of course.
Who knew you could find a zorse in Amish country. 
2 points for the Amish on this trip. Well played, Amish. Well played.


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