One of my happy places...

Aug 13, 2012
You may be shocked to hear that one of my happy places involves cold and ice (usually it is places more like this), but tis true.  And here's why...

Folks, hockey season in Toledo starts in 2 months!  Isn't it wonderful?

Saturday was their annual pick-a-seat event to purchase season tickets.  I went last year as well, and watched the free-agent try out practice/scrimmage.  This year they added more to the event.  He he he we had so much fun!  
This might also have been one of those "I know I am a dork." moments. 
Yeah, it was.

We shot some goals....

Take notice of the age of the other "players" on the ice at the time.

 Put us in coach!  Sitting on the Walleye bench. 

Watch out!!! Wow that is a super cheesy smile.

2 minutes for being too close to the zamboni.

She got caught too. Bummer.

We stuck around and watched the first round of the scrimmage games, enjoyed our free hot dog, chips and drink and went on our merry way.  Super fantastic fun! 


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