I may be a dork...and I'm not alone!

Aug 7, 2012
I went bowling with a few friends last week and someone suggested we use names from one of our favorite TV shows instead of our real names.  We can't be normal.  It's too much work.

Guessing game time....
Player one:

Player dos:

Any guesses?  Huh huh?
Player 3:

Player IV:

And the bonus clue....

Do you know???
I'm not going to tell you.  Someone needs to guess. Go.

More proof that I am a dork.
Do you remember this?  Belongitis Southernexia.
And then there is this...I could have gotten eaten.


  1. #2 has got to be golden girls? I'm clueless on the others!

  1. sinatraluver said...:

    Good guess but they are all from the same show....British TV show.

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