You must have been a beautiful baby...

Sep 9, 2012
It was almost 27 years ago that I decided to grace the world with my presence.  :)

My grandma has told me stories of when I would hang out with her for the day at her Hallmark store.  "People would come in just to see you!" she would say. 

I do tend to have that affect on people.

Another story I have heard, is that once upon a time my parents sent my picture to Gerber.  They had hopes and dreams that I could become the next face of Gerber.  It didn't happen, but Gerber did send a letter saying that I was very cute, and beautiful, and glamorous...blah, blah, blah.  I'm sure it wasn't a form letter they sent to everyone. *cough*

Ok enough about me.  Check out this cutie!

She takes after her aunt.  Uhem.

To carry on the tradition her mom and dad (I might have suggested they do it) entered her in the Gerber Generation contest.  And she needs your votes!

Seriously, how beautiful is she!  Here is something super cute....this is the bedtime tradition....!!!!  Sorry, you will now have the "Time to put the baby to bed" song stuck in your head for a very very long time.  Who knew that was the secret to putting kids to bed.  I think my favorite part is when she gets mad that the gate is there to block her way.  Lol.

Now that you are in love with her, vote, vote vote!  You can vote once a day until September 24th on Gerber's Facebook.  You have to like their page and then you are good to go.  

P.S. Look what other picture I found!

It was Christmas 1986, when I got Teddy Ruxpin


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