The birthday month is in full swing...

Sep 17, 2012
You know it is official when you get this from Red Robin...

Even they know I celebrate the whole month. 

Things I have done to celebrate my birthday this year:

  • Family Party- Complete with a Red Wings Red Velvet cake

  • Dinner at Red Robin (of course)
  • Jem themed party hosted by one of my friends.  Remember Jem?

  • A little geocaching.
  • A little trip to Ann Arbor.  I was introduced to a fantastic store in Kerrytown called Found: Whimsical Art & Vintage Treasures.  Where we came across vintage calling cards!!!! I'm thinking they need to make a comeback.
  •  Picked up my FREE Sephora gift Saturday

 I think that is it so far.  There is still about half a month left, what else can I do? 


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