Why my future husband should be like the Avengers: Hawkeye

Sep 23, 2012
* Picture from IMDB

You and I remember Budapest very differently.

Moving on from the giant green man, we are back to the hotties.  
What is it about guys' arms that are so...just....amazing. 

Ok, stop looking at the picture.  We have to focus.

Since Hawkeye was **spoiler alert** turned over to the dark side for half the movie, we don't get to see a lot of his character.  But what we do see is pretty fantastic.

Let me first go on the record as saying that he is so cool.  Look at him!  Just for a second.  

That's enough.  

Come back now.  

What a stance.  He has the coolest. bow.ever.  Goodbye are the days of swooning over Legolas.  Hawkeye is here. Dude has mad skills. Epic.

So what part of Hawkeye does my future hubby need to possess.  I'm going with being a team player.

When he wasn't with the bad guys he and Natasha were the two most focused on working as a team to get the mission accomplished.  Even though he had some personal sores to settle with Loki, he understood that it had to be done together or it wouldn't get done.  

Life's no fun when you feel alone.  Yuck.

Knowing that someone (or a group of people) have your back no matter what is relieving. The result of the circumstance doesn't rely just on you.  

My man will see me as part of the team.  Because I can do stuff too.  Maybe I'm the one that closes the portal so bad guys can't keep coming in. 



I love man muscles. 


Ok, that is all.

For real this time.

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