Dec 31, 2011
I avoid making resolutions.  
Like the rest of America, I have trouble keeping the darn things.  
So I figure why torment myself.  
Right? Right.

This year is a little different.  My resolution is to cross things off my bucket list

That I can totally do! 

There are two things that I have already taken the first steps to accomplish. One is running in a 5K.  And not be dying at the end if it. One of my friends wants to run one in March and by golly I'm going to join her.  And if for some reason I fail, the Race for the Cure is in September, so there is my second chance. 

 I know.  Way too goofy sexy.

I will do it. 
Run that is. 
Not walk.

I also added something to the list... "learn to knit".  This is a recent interest for me, mostly because of this magazine I found....

He he he.  I LOVE Jane Austin and apparently someone can put her name on something and have me hooked. 

Get it? 

Maybe that is a crocheting joke.  Don't worry I will be sure to show you my amazing creations.  This is going to be awesome! 

There's my plan for some new adventures of 2012.   Have any resolutions??


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