Christmas shopping 2011

Dec 22, 2011
I am a total procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping.  

Well I'm a procrastinator with a lot of stuff actually.  

I get more creative and have better ideas when I'm under pressure of meeting a deadline.  When I was in college there were several times that I tried to be good and work on an assignment weeks in advance.  

You know what would happen? 

I would get writers block or come up with lame ideas, but if it was due in a couple of days, I could write that same paper in mere hours.  Yes, there were a few times where my procrastination got me in trouble, but for the most part that is when I thrive! 

This year is the perfect example, I tried to be good this year and start early.  I manged to get a few things here and there, just little things really.  But here we are December 22, and I still have presents I need to buy.  I'll probably need to go shopping tomorrow, too.  I managed to find a few things last night that will be perfect for these certain someones.  Yippee!

The best part about Christmas shopping is the weird random stuff one finds.  There were a few moments last night where I went "Hmm, who would buy that!"  Here are two examples:

Yes, that's right a Twilight straightener.  Seriously?! I don't get it.  Can you read the little blurp on there?
  "Easily creates Edward's textured hair in seconds"  
That's it I'm sold!

Can you see what this is? A Justin Bieber. Singing. Toothbrush. LOL!!!!  Where you get not one but TWO of his songs. On your toothbrush.
Seriously laughed out loud in the store when I saw these two items.  I think the singing toothbrush is my favorite.  
As in "most funny", not the "I want someone to buy it" favorite.


  1. Aw shucks - now I have to return that toothbrush I got you!

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