Epic Fail

Dec 8, 2011
I have decided I need to get serious about being healthy.  I have all these aspirations....

1)Killer abs

2) Well defined arms and legs

3)Eat healthy snacks and healthy meals

Ok I guess just three aspirations.

Three days ago I told Lazy Mom that her and I were going to start working out for 30 min everyday.  Lazy Mom keeps saying how she wants to be less jiggly and I don't want to be lonely in my venture.   Since we both have crazy schedules we are going to be accountability partners.  (Like how I just announced this to the world Lazy Mom?)

Day one: Fail.  Looked for Dancing with the Stars DVD, it's lost. Crap!  

Day two: Breakfast meeting, asked sister about lost DVD, work at job #1, work at job #2 get home at 9pm and check emails and um...facebook and Pinterest.  The last one was research people!  DVD still MIA.

Day three:  That is today and I am determined to get my half hour in.  I got some ideas off of Pinterest and with or without workout DVD I want to be able to tell y'all that I did it. 

Any tips on getting motivated.  I could really use some help here people.  Especially since it is cookie eating season AKA Christmas time.

For the record Lazy Mom's day one didn't go so well either...."I already FAILED YOU. Yesterday was a very full day! wrote my blog post, worked on Natural House, ran to lunch (does that count as exercise?), returned jeans to Once Upon a Child in Perrysburg... took FOREVER to sort through their jeans to find better ones, rushed to pick kids up from school, stopped by the bank, closed up an Uppercase Living party, got ready for the Christmas minister's dinner, went to the Christmas minister's dinner. By the time I got home it was after 10pm. SORRY!!!

Like how I just put that out there too, Lazy Mom?


  1. Stacey said...:

    Hahahaha! You know me girl, gotta keep it real! I'm glad that at least when we fail, we fail together!

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.

  1. Jackie said...:

    For the record Dancing with the Stars DVD is no longer MIA. Lets Dance the pounds away!

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