You all deserve an update

Dec 28, 2011
My experience has been a little....random, disappointing, informative. 

First of all random.  I think it's random when a guy emails you a couple times, then texts, then says "hey, look up my facebook page" and proceeds to never talk to you again.  Was my facebook page THAT bad?!  I beg to differ.  Of course, I think it is also funny that he then posts on his page some comments about wanting to find a nice girl and how he's lonely.
What a random guy. 

Disappointing.  I wasn't necessarily expecting to find the love of my life (maybe that was my problem), but I was expecting to make more connections.  They give you "Daily Matches" according to your similar likes and interests.  I had to laugh when one of the three things we had in common was being an oldest child.  Yep, Match, that is really important to me.  How about he knows how to write complete sentences, and his last read was something other than the back of a pizza box.  Seriously, I just checked and two of my matches put something like that as their last read. 

Are they trying to be funny? 

When I get options like that of course I'm clicking "not interested". 

Informative.  I sent out quite a few emails to guys with no reply. I mentioned this to a friend that is also on Match and she said the same thing happened to her.  I wonder how many of those were A.) not interested, B.) not even on anymore, or C.) just not into girls who make the first move.  I confess there were some guys that emailed me that I didn't reply to either, but mostly because they were a little too old for me.  So maybe it wasn't informative after all.

So there is the main gist of my experience, my membership is canceled and will soon expire.  Maybe I'll try the friends of friends route for a while, and see if that works out any better.


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