Latest weird dream had me in Tennessee...

Dec 11, 2011
I was in Tennessee visiting a cousin and her family.  My cousin took me around the town to meet her friends and see the sights.  One such location was a car repair shop.  Apparently a couple of her friends worked there and we talked for a while before we left in this ginormous pickup truck.  We then went to this little river or pond.  

In real life I am leery of swimming in ponds, because you never know what is in the water.  This dream just proves that point. 

As we were walking up I saw this huge snake that was like 20 feet long and had to be cousins with an anaconda come out of the water.  My cousin said something about swimming to the other side.  I freaked out and mentioned the snake that we just saw. "No big deal" she said, so we swam across. just when I thought we were safe and avoided the scary snake, it came out of the water and bit my cousin's ankle.  It then turned and bit me.  

That's when I woke up.

I really don't understand where these random dreams keep coming from.
1) Skateboarding
2) Ashton Kutcher
3) Giant snake



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