I had a bad experience...

Dec 3, 2011
Thursday I worked at the tree lighting ceremony/party for the city of Holland.  It was a great time.  We had it all...cookies, a tree outside all lit up, me inside where it was nice and warm, cookies, Santa, Christmas music, fire in the fireplace, and cookies (they were REALLY good cookies!!!).  Our church was in charge of the kid's craft area and the Angel Tree.  Our volunteers were amazing and we all had fun. 

At the end of the night all of our volunteers gathered around Santa and Mrs. Clause for a picture.  Someone suggested I sit on Santa's lap.  NO WAY!!!  Never again....I think I am scarred for life. Here's why....Ready for my Santa story? Good.

One Christmas season I went with my family, a cousin and a friend to a theme park where we ate tons of sugar and were completely silly.  We were walking around and saw that Santa was there.  We went in and waited in line to sit on Santa's lap and get our picture taken.  Now mind you I was either 18 or 19 when this happened. Finally it is our turn.  My friend sits on one knee while I sit on the other, my cousin stands behind me and snap, snap...pictures are taken.  I try to stand back up to move on, but Santa's arm is still wrapped around me, so I sit back down. Santa says, "What do you want for Christmas?"  Being the silly girls we were, I believe rich boyfriends and jewelry were mentioned.  Ha ha ha cute.  I try to stand back up again...no such luck.  I sit back down.  AWKWARD. He carries on the conversation with us a little while longer and again I try to stand up.  I'm telling you it was crazy.  So now I'm thinking Santa is beginning to creep me out.  After a couple more seconds he finally lets us go. We left and started laughing about how incredibly weird that was.

The really funny part is my sister was video taping all of this.  You can see me and my friend trying to get up several times and he just pulled us back down.  Creepy Santa.

So there is my story.  Never again will I sit on Santa's lap.  I'm pretty sure that someday when I have kids, their dad will have to take them to see Santa, because no way will I take them.


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