Oct 24, 2011
I have come to the realization that there is an underwhelming amount of single men in my circles.  There have been two major instances that happened this past week that helped me realize this depressing fact:

1) New Job
2) A friend's wedding

Situation #1.  I had training this past week for my new job.  We were a small group of 10, where the guy to girl ratio was 1:9.  The single guy to single girl ratio was 0:2.  Depressing.  I went to my first staff meeting this past week as well with just the peeps in my department.  Guy/girl ratio, 3:28.  You guessed it...the guys were all married. 

Situation #2. I love weddings and I hate weddings. I love seeing my friends happy and getting the chance to celebrate with them. Absolutely LOVE!  And being a sanguine I love the party, too.  The only time I have a hate moment is during the dreaded bouquet toss.  This particular wedding they had all the single ladies and then gents play musical chairs, instead of the traditional toss.  I actually had some fun, mostly because I got a little competitive. :)  Anyway.... Again the guy:girl ratio was way skewed.  About 15 or so ladies to the 7 or so guys.  And even though the guys were "single" most of them are dating the "single" ladies. 

This my friends is the sad truth of my world.

I recently finished reading a book that will be on the October Reading List post that will be coming your way next week. The book was about the journey of a single lady in California who went on 51 dates in 50 weeks.  She admits that it was quite the challenge finding guys to go out with at times.  She relied on friends of friends at first, and when those resources were exhausted she turned to finding guys through online dating sites. 

At least I know it's not just me.  I find this a little on the ridiculous side.

According to an article on National Atlas.gov, in Ohio there were about 300,000 more females than males in the year 2000.  I don't think that number is too outrageous, but I'm beginning to think that the extra 300,000 all live by me. Also, 45 out of 52 areas (includes 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico) had a larger female population in the year 2000.  Now this study is a little dated, but it still validates the point that we are unbalanced



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