My Bad

Oct 11, 2011
I've been neglecting you of late, and I'm sorry.  I have no good excuses.  Well, maybe I do.

My not so good excuses:

1) I am in the midsts of planning my sister's baby shower.  (It's a girl!!!  So excited)

2) I am constantly searching pinterest looking for ideas for said shower that I can steal pretend I made up use.

3) I started a new job yesterday, and trying to make sure I had everything in order before I started has been a small chore. No really it was just a small chore.

4) I've been reading again.  I've told you what happens when I start reading.

5) Things have been a little quiet in the boy department.  Maybe I can find excuses for that too....

6) I ran out of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies....for a day...then I found some in the freezer.

7) It has been Really REALLY nice outside.  We're talking 80 degrees!  For Ohio in october that's amazing. So yeah, I've been outside a lot.  Even got a mini burn.  :)

8) I keep getting sidetracked by Facebook the 7 million other things I need to do online.

9) Steve Jobs died.  It is sad.  And so I couldn't write because....I'm still working on why that is a valid excuse.

10) I blame plain ol' writers block.  There I said it.

The last week or so has been busy and yet dull all at the same time.  I figure why would you want to read about someone else's normal day.  Unless maybe you have a had a crazy day!  Ooo Ooo tell me about your crazy day!


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