Oct 14, 2011
She's a teenager.  She is temperamental, but has been for awhile.  She is cute.  She is annoying.  And I get to deal with her everyday, since I live with her.

Here's a picture....

Oh yeah....Courtney is a dog.  Don't get me wrong, I love this dog, she can be very sweet.  Sometimes she is crazy.  Dogs can be like that at times I think.  Courtney (also called muffin and dog) loves when the family comes over.  When she hears one of our cars she jumps up, gives out a couple barks of announcement, starts wagging her tail and waits by the door until they come in.  Or one of us will tell her "Jackie's here!" "Jerry's here!" and off to the door she'll run.  It's rather cute.

There are also times when she hears something (don't ask me what because I have no idea) and she will bark and bark. and bark. and bark. No matter how many times I tell her "No one's there" she wont stop until I do this....

And she proceeds to look outside to see what's up.

Then she will usually quiet down and everything is ok again.

The other day it dawned on me, what if she thinks that "no one" is a person coming to visit her.  I mean we say it in the same way when we announce a visitor.  Maybe she keeps barking because she is expecting "no one" to walk through the door.  Then I laughed for about 10 minutes because the thought that that could be the case is one of the funniest things ever.

Ok I still laugh.  And now I tease her....Courtney, no one is here!!!

Ha ha ha ha!!!!


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