Grrrrrrr....the silly things that annoy me

Oct 6, 2011
I got a magazine in the mail yesterday, and while I love getting them in the mail there is a part I don't like....the little cards that are stuck inside to send in for a subscription.  Hello! I already have a subscription why do I need 5 million cards.  Can I get a witness? ......chirp....chirp.....maybe it's just me.  Here are some other things that drive me a little batty.

  • Time left on the microwave

  • A collection of DVD's scattered around the TV

  • Security stickers left on the case of a DVD or CD after it's been opened (have been to a friends house and took all those stickers off)

  • I tend to be late at times, but I HATE being late for a wedding.

  • Not getting a phone call or email by the time a person says they will call or email. I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of this as well. oops.

  • The grocery carts that have a mind of their own

  • The use of double negatives in a sentence

  • The use of double comparisons (more better)

  • People that drive 10mph or more under the speed limit

  • Getting an email that obviously hasn't been proofed

  • Slow internet/computers....I have no patience when it comes to this one

Those are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  I'm sure there are more. Do we share some of the same annoyances?  Add one to the list.


  1. Sarah said...:

    I can't stand it when people chew their food loudly and/or with their mouth open...same goes for gum.

    p.s. thanks for taking the security stickers off those dvd's the other day... =)

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