I claim the whole month

Oct 3, 2011
So last month I celebrated my birthday.  I say month because I really do celebrate the whole month!  I still enjoy celebrating my birthday, and I feel that one day just isn't enough time to fully experience this special day.  One year it just kinda worked out that my birthday celebrations were spread out over 2 1/2 weeks...lightbulb!  If it works for a couple of weeks, why not the whole month!!  And there was the beginning of the month long birthday.   So how do you get started??

I signed up with some awesome companies that give out free items to help me celebrate.

Totally free mini make-up!  Last year was the best with an eye shadow, eye liner pencil and mini mascara.  Go to their website and at the top of the page you will see Sign up for Sephora.  Join the club and for your birthday you'll receive an email on how to get your prize!

I didn't even realize I signed up for this one, but it pays to sign up with stores when they ask for your info.  Because I got this in the mail:

SCORE!!  Got to love getting "money" in the mail.

My most recent sign up this magical card...

Free burger during my birthday month and you also get a free appetizer reward when you sign up for the card.  Yummm!

I also know Menards does something for birthdays.  My dad has gotten gifts, maybe because he has a store card with them??? 

The last big free gift I get is from Swagbucks.  They send me $50...of course it is virtual, but I am saving up for a wii or something awesome like that.  Email me at menmoneyandme@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite.

There you have it...the first step to making your birthday last the whole month. 

Happy birthday!  :)


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