Aug 17, 2011
Do you have certain words that make you think of something else like a movie line, song or friend? Yesterday is one of those words for me. It makes me think of.......... any guesses??? Ok I'll tell you. "Yesterday" by The Beatles.

So yeah, I totally have to sing the title of this blog.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away....

Ok I'm done.

That had nothing to do with what I want to tell you, but you needed to know how to say "Yesterday" in your head.

So what do I want to tell you about yesterday... I did something extra. Remember, sometimes the weeks are blah. Well I did something to change it up.

I volunteered at ISOH/Impact for a couple of hours. ISOH/Impact is an non-profit organization that focuses on child advocacy and disaster relief. Yesterday, (there it is again) I was on the Bucket Brigade. Alongside a group of volunteers and staff, I helped fill a couple hundred buckets of corn that will be sent to Tajikistan (neighbors of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and The People's Republic of China) and Somalia (eastern-most part of Africa) to help with famine relief.
**Definitely had to look up where those countries are located. Thank you Google. **

Can I just say it was nice doing something with my time that would help someone else. And not just a little something, I was feeding people. People who can't go to the store or ask neighbors for help. A couple hours of my time will change the life of someone I will never meet. What a cool thought.

So that's one thing I did yesterday (I had to say it at least once more). Now what will today bring?


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