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Aug 26, 2011

I love going on mini adventures! If we look up mini-adventure in the Jenny Dictionary this is what we would find:
Mini-adventure: n. a smallish type event that one didn't plan for, but it happens anyway.
This past week has been filled with mini-adventures. Some more documented than others.

A week ago today I went to a street fair, where there were restaurant booths, a kid area and a band. That's where I met this guy:

He's a "walking taco"!! Too funny!

Couldn't miss this opportunity either:

It continued into Saturday with a full day of adventures.
Saw some nice scenery at the Walleye free agent try-outs yesterday. :) I love Hockey!
Followed by calling up a friend to meet at the mall for a bit, stopping at a random art fair and going back to the street fair. The only thing I had planned for the day was the hockey try-outs.

Monday was my sister's birthday (Happy birthday again seester!). We went to the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton where we met this guy:

We have named him the "Hippie Cow".

Yesterday, I went down to Columbus for a meeting. On the way:
Driving to Columbus yesterday got "honked" at by a trucker who then did a thumbs up sign. Hmmm... don't think I really want to know.
Went to lunch with my friend Melissa at a very quaint little Irish Pub and Restaurant.

A mini door for Leprechauns!!! LOVE IT!!!!

So that was my week of mini-adventures. Take that blah feeling! My challenge to you: Embrace the mini-adventures in your life. Make sure you always have a camera to capture such moments, too.


  1. Stacey said...:

    My favorite post yet! I love your Jenny definitions! keep those coming!

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