What to do, what to do

Aug 15, 2011
There are times that I feel, how do I put this... Blah. I love to be on the move, going, going, going all the time. Sometimes this happens, and other times not so much. The past couple of weeks have felt a little draggy to me. I need new! I need different! As much as I have a had a busy couple of weekends and enjoyed them very much, I still feel like the weeks are...blah. I'm sure many of you have felt this too. Everyday the same.

So what do I do about it? So far not much, but that is going to change this week. I am determined.

I had a little taste of adventure last week when I went with my friend, Charlotte, to the shooting range. I have gone shooting a couple times before with a little .22 revolver at paper targets, but last week we pulled out the big boys. A shotgun. We went skeet shooting. I had a blast (pun totally intended). I was actually surprised at how well I did. The instructor did refer to me as Annie Oakley. Just Sayin'. We had been talking about it for a coupe of weeks and we finally had time to go. It felt so good, to do something that was different.

So this week, while I do have some fun plans with friends, I will do something extra amazing. It will involve meeting new people and trying new things. And then I'll tell you all about it.

I actually have a list of new things I want to try. Are you sensing I'm a list person? 'Cause I am.

Maybe you can try a new thing too.


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