Ker plunk....that would be my phone.

Aug 12, 2011
Getting ready to run errands, I'll go to the bathroom real quick so I don't have to use smelly store bathrooms. Ker plunk. What was....oh crap! My phone!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Yes, (sigh) it is true, my phone landed in the toilet. Seriously?! I am usually very good about remembering it is in my pocket before the possibility of the tragicness happening. This is what happens when I am in a hurry and have twenty gazillion things on my mind.
So I went to my lovely cell phone store and asked the dude "What are my options?"

He details: A) Insurance?

No, this doesn't happen to me. I didn't buy insurance. :(

B) You have a rebate available to get a new phone.

No rebate until November. November!! Not waiting, next.

C) You pay full price for a new phone.

Ha ha ha that's a good one. What about option D) I get a phone off of Ebay and make you transfer everything.

Option D wasn't in his book (understandably) but that is the option I took.

Why am I telling you this embarrassing and somewhat gross tale? Because friend, I'm not made of money. Now I'm sure y'all know that Ebay is amazing and all the good deals you can get. Here are some other places that you can also get great deals because who doesn't want to save money? And if you said that you don't want to save money, you can just send me your extra cash....'cause I had to buy another phone. :(
  • Easy sign up and you get codes to buy gift certificates to area restaurants. We're talking $50 certificates for like $10 or less. Really. Good stuff.
  • Apple, HP, Sony... If you are wanting to buy any sort of electronic, check the websites for either refurbished (Apple) products or trade in programs. Refurbished does sound scary, but I haven't heard of anyone having problems. I've never used the trade in programs, but from what I can tell, you send them electronics and you get credit towards your purchase. Just read the fine print so you really know what you're signing up for. Actually read it!
  • Living Social and Groupon are very similar to each other. They are both sites that you buy services or products for a reduced rate. For Groupon a certain number of people have to buy the deal for it to be "on". Not enough people? You won't get charged and you won't get the deal. For Living Social there are a certain amount of "deals" for a certain amount of time. Once they're gone they're gone, and when time is's out. Again READ the fine print.
  • Do some research before you make a big purchase. I HATE doing this. I feel like it is a waste of time....sometimes. Ok, just until I find a coupon or a better price and then I stop whining. So you better be Googleing, Ebaying, Amazoning and whatever to get the best deal possible. Look up the manufacture's website or Facebook page, you never know if one will have a coupon code or a special offer you didn't know about.
  • Thrift Stores. Don't be afraid. Yes, they may be a bit smelly at times, but you can get some really good deals. A lady I know recently got a very nice cushioned rocker for a very reasonable price (under $100 I can't remember what she told me exactly). Garage Sales can also be major gold mines. This summer I bought my really little niece (not quite done cooking yet) a play mat thing that has the arch and the toys hanging down. Yeah that. Originally $50. Paid $10. SCORE!!!!!
So there is a few tips that I have learned. I'm sure you know others, because you are smart like that. (Share Please!) Now go out there and save money!

P.S. I paid $30 for the phone and it will be here by Monday.
P.P.S. Phones were harmed in the making of this blog. RIP.


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