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Aug 30, 2011
I told you, I am a list person. I love that they make me feel organized. So besides the what I want in a guy list, I have a "bucket list".

Yes that's right.
I'm 25 and I have a list of things I want to do before I die.
Not to morbid, right?

I love the idea of putting down all the things you dream of doing with the hope of one day crossing them off the list. Some things I have completed already. Some things it will take a while. It doesn't matter. Now to be honest, I can't find my original "bucket list", (I said lists make me feel organized not that they made me organized) so the one you see is a remembrance of the things that are on the list.

So here it ba bum...The Bucket List!!!

Learn how to surf
Watch a polo match
Go to the Olympics (to watch, but not ruling out the possibility of being in.)
Visit Audrey Hepburn's grave
Find 100 geocaches
Learn to speak Italian
Travel Europe
Volunteer with UNICEF
Be a storm chaser
Be part of an archeological dig
Go to Egypt to see the Pyramids
Go to all 50 states-traveling through them doesn't count(19/50)
Learn to play Tennis
Go to New York for New Year's
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Go to a Ball
Write a book
Host a charity event
Host a fashion show
Go skeet shooting
Go to a film Festival (Sundance, Toronto)
Be in a movie
Be in a ballroom dance competition
Learn archery
Own a boat and sail down the east coast
Be a Private Detective
Have a house with a library
Find something with a metal detector

I know I have more that should be on there....where is that list....


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