Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players

Mar 20, 2012
Sunday night I went to a hockey game with my friend on her date.  The date wasn't too awesome, so when we sent the boys home, we went fishing for some Walleye. 

The people kind, not the fish kind.

I might have added "go on a date with a Walleye" on my Bucket List.  

This picture was two games ago...The best I did was pose for a picture and say thanks.

Not. this. time!!!  This time I had a mini-conversation.

There we were waiting for the guys to start coming out of the locker room.  And we see them....Some fine looking men in suits.  Remember what suits do to me?
I ask them all "Are any of you number 22 or 27?"

"I'm 22." 

I proceed to tell him that even though they lost, I appreciated his amazing hits on the other team and yeah...that was pretty much it.  He was very nice and said thanks and....again pretty much it. 

My friend and I got a little star struck. blush.

Of course after all was said and done and my friend and I evaluated what could have happened....we wrote:

"The Top Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players"*
(but we're not that bold)

10)When you hit that guy into the boards....it was really hot.
9) When you came out of the locker room with your shaggy hair and suit....you were really hot.
8) Your scruffy beard...so hot!
7) That cut on your cheek...hot!
6) Mr. Goalie, when you got in that dude's face and shoved him around a bit...that was hot.
5) When you didn't put up with #27's crap...that was hot.
4)Did we mention how hot you are in a suit??  Well, you're hot.
3) When you stopped to talk to me...that was hot.
2) Mr. Goalie, when you came back into the game kinda broken to take over after the other goalie was scored on twice in a minute and a half....that was hot.
1) Walleye #27, when you got thrown out of the game...that was smokin' hot.

*This was written after some caffeine and sugar.  We were being silly girls. 


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