February's reading list...

Mar 12, 2012
I know, I know we are already 12 days into March, but you still need February's reading list.

Kinsey Millhone Californian private detective once again finds herself in the middle of a dangerous case.  While she is shopping, she notices a lady shoplifting.  She reports what she saw to the clerk and the lady is arrested.  The next day the lady commits suicide...or did she?  This moment leads Kinsey right into the middle of a million dollar shoplifting ring and ends with her getting a black eye and a nose job.  Sue Grafton does an amazing job revealing characters and somehow flawlessly bringing them all together.  I personally enjoyed the earlier books in the series more, but this was still a good page-turner.

Wait! A Christian Vampire?!  I will admit, it sounds a little hokey, but OMG!!!  It was such a good book.  What if humans who were wicked and horrible were turned into vampires so they could repent of their ways and get a second chance?  Not a bad idea.  Now what happens if the vampire never changes?  That's the question Rafael, a vampire still working things out, is forced to deal with when a vampire he sired is out of control.  He enlists the aid of Susan a girl who thought she was coming to Prague to just bury her grandmother, but has a connection to vampires that she is unaware of.  And apparently an attraction. wink. wink. An amazing fight between good and evil or is it good and a little bad against a whole lot of evil?  Either way this book ends on a total cliffhanger that will have you begging for it to be October already (see below).

WARNING**  This is the first of a trilogy and is the only one out.  The second is scheduled to come out October 2012, and the third sometime in 2013.  Can't wait!!!

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