Ten ways the date could have been better....

Mar 19, 2012
Last night I went on a first date!  But it wasn't mine.  :)  A friend met a guy through eharmony and was meeting him for the first time.  Being the smart woman she is she didn't want to go alone.  (He could after all still be a weirdo and creeper.)  She asked me to be the co-pilot.  How fun!!

We went to a Walleye hockey game, which if you know me at all you know I was TOTALLY ok with this.  Her date brought his younger bother, who was only a few years younger than me.  It didn't turn into a double date, which I was soooo thankful for. 

Nothing exciting really happened during the date and after the game we parted ways.  We sent the guys on their way (they had a couple hours drive ahead of them) and we wandered around the arena hoping to spot a hockey player....which we did.

And we talked to two of them.  I was being bold.  Are you proud?

Two very hot hockey players.

It helped saved the night from being an epic fail. 

My friend and I ended up at a sports bar and reviewed the evenings events...and created the:

"Top Ten Ways the Date Could Have Been Better"

10) He could have been hot.

9) He could have had less hair product.

8) The hockey team could have won.  (9-1 ouch!!)

7) He could have dressed nicer. (tucked in t-shirt)

6) He could have gotten sick and had to leave early.

5) He could have brought a present.

4) He could have been less awkward.

3) He could have offered to buy food at the game.

2) He could have brought a hot friend.

1) He could have been hot.

We made several lists last night....check back tomorrow for the "Top Ten Things We Wanted to Say to the Hot Hockey Players."


  1. Hannah said...:

    Hahaha!!! This is fantastic!!

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