March Reading List

Apr 6, 2012
Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

Oh Stephanie.  She came home a day early from Hawaii with a tan line on her ring finger and a closed mouth.  As if the guy problems weren't enough, she was in possession of a picture that the FBI and some local thugs wanted to get their hands on.  Was being the key word.  She had found a picture in her luggage that wasn't hers and threw it away.  It wasn't until she saw a news report that the man she sat next to on the flight home was murdered, that she made the connection.  Oops.  Of course no one would believe that she didn't have it anymore.  To add to the insanity there had to be car problems, skips that didn't want to reschedule their court appearances, craziness at the bonds office, Grandma Mazur with her funeral obsession and oh yeah some explosions.  As always I found myself laughing at the situations that she somehow managed to find herself in and am looking forward to book nineteen.

 Obsessed by Ted Dekker

Stephen Friedman a Jewish real estate agent who works hard at his job and at forgetting the past.  But when a letter from a woman who recently died implies that she is his mom, he is soon...obsessed with finding the treasure she left him and forced to face his mom's past in the concentration camp.  The son of the commandant of the camp is just as evil as his dad and is also in search of the treasure this woman left behind as well as his dad's journal of his dealings at the camp.  
Ted Dekker keep his readers on their toes and this book is no exception.  

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