My car likes to pretend it is an SUV....

Feb 24, 2012
but it's not.

What I drive:

A Toyota Celica

What my car thinks it is:

Some sort of SUV type car that has 4 wheel drive.

I love my little car.  We had had some great times together.  Some of those times included being stuck in the snow.  See how low it is to the ground? So imagine, if you will, when it snows a good 5 inches, and then add the lovely piles the plows make.  

My car sees those piles and says, 
"Watch this, Jenny. I'm going to go right through that pile!"
"VVVRRROOOOMMMM!  VVRRoooommm.....wrroom....
um I'm stuck." 

Car remember, you're not an SUV. 

"Oh, yeah....oops"

Last night on the way home it started snowing.  Big ginormous flakes.  It was actually.....kinda pretty, but you didn't hear that from me.  Only once did my car try to convince me it was an SUV on the way home.  Thankfully there wasn't enough snow on the ground to cause problems, but she was ready to pave the way for the other cars.  

Who knew Celica's could be so delusional.  ;)


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