I survived!!!!

Feb 1, 2012

I think I will like tennis.  I wasn't amazing or anything, but I managed to hit the ball a few times and not completely embarrass myself.  Here I am with my friend Hannah (hi, Hannah!) and our two instructors. We had an hour lesson and went over some basic swings.  I now know how to properly backhand and um front ways front hand forehand swing.  (I'm still working on the lingo.)

My fun moments:
  1. After missing the ball and seeing my frustration, the one instructor said "Don't worry your swing was almost good." LOL!
  2. I hit the ball into the light fixture....an easy15-20 feet high.  oops.
  3. I hit the ball into the next court...where people were playing an actual game.
  4. I did one of these numbers...just not with two rackets, I don't know why he has two rackets.
 Do you see how the ball would be out if he just let it go....yeah me too. What can I say, I felt like I needed to hit everything.

So I go back next week for lesson 2 of 2 and then maybe I'll sign up for some more.  I think I need to marry a rich guy if I want to keep this up.  Tennis was meant to play outdoors (for free), I think I feel another bout of Belongitis Southernexia coming on.  When I was in Florida there were tennis courts in the neighborhood just waiting to be used.

Ok I feel better.

So there is my mini-adventure with tennis.  I don't feel that I can cross it off my bucket list yet.  Maybe after a few more lessons.


  1. Hannah said...:

    Hey, that's me!! And as soon as this weather evens out we will definitely play lots of outdoor tennis!!

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