A giant bug tried to eat me!

Jan 25, 2012
Giant bugs and I don't get along.  If they leave me alone, they have a better chance of living out the day.  Remember the spider that was in my office?  He lived. 

Here is another Florida mini-adventure. If you missed the last mini-adventure you can catch up here.

One day I went to watch one of the girls I used to babysit...who is now 14...sniff sniff...play some softball.  It was of course a beautiful day.  I'm just standing there watching her play when I feel a little tickle on my leg.  I look down to find....EEK!! 

Can you find him?!  He was about 1-1 1/2 inches long, no exaggeration.  Creepy bug tried to eat me!  I quickly flicked him off and the dad of my grown up little girl (sniff) killed it. 

DIE bug!!!  

Why do the giant bugs always find me?

I guess there is at least one bad thing about Florida. 


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